Democrats try to bury Palestine “at night.”

One of my least favourite characters in the New Testament—a a man I have met many times in my life, call him a sanctimonious prig, a weasel, a sycophant or double dealing hypocrite—we’ve all met Nicodemus who appears in John 3
Now there was a Pharisee, a man named Nicodemus who was a member of the Jewish ruling council. He came to Jesus at night
Yes by night. Folks like Nicodemus simply want to work undercover, don’t want to be seen in the daylight. They have something to hide. Meet Hilary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, a group of pro-Israel toadies named by Clinton to abort the truth on Palestine and keep right wing Jewish American money flowing into Clinton’s coffers.The Committte, purely advisory deemed necessary by Clinton who realizes she has no progressive principles at all, is in hock to Wall Street and her pro-Israel Jewish backers. One fifth of the committee of 15 was named by Sanders. As you will see, a group of social justice advocates


It hath been decreed: there will be no mention of Occupation in the Democratic platform. No wonder people give up on politics when you see even a party which attempted to raise the voice of the oppresed in the past, cave to the power of finance in national elections. Meet the Clintons and Tony Blair. Forget Blair for the moment.
The work of the majority Clinton  hacks by day was bad enough. The supposed antithesis to the wealth dominated Republicans, the puppetry  Hilary surrogates shot down motions endorsing universal health care, a carbon tax, stronger support for raising the minimum wage, forceful opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and a moratorium on fracking. This is the Democratic Party of today.


As Gore Vidal often said, America has one party —with two wings both corrupted by money.


All of the above was done in the day and strategically they had to wait for the night to deal with Israel, an issue which Bernie Sanders “a Jew of Conscience” had raised.

What happened was revealing.

Next time. Nicodemus comes on stage.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    All very sad.
    But what to do? No real choice for the average American.

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    All very sad.
    But what to do? No real choice for the average American.

    The Toronto Star confirms what you wrote Ted!

    Published on Jul 23 2016
    Stephen Braun
    WASHINGTON — A cache of more than 19,000 emails from Democratic party officials, leaked in advance of Hillary Clinton’s nomination at the party’s convention next week in Philadelphia, details the acrimonious split between the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s former rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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    • 4
      mushafta Says:

      Michael Bloomberg endorses Clinton.
      Bernie Saunders left in the dust.
      Let’s get some transparency and clarity!

    • 5
      mushafta Says:

      How can it get any worse for modern democracy? And they spent trillions in the Middle East preaching the merits of democracy over every other form of government.

      And now Clinton looking very red faced after allegations the insiders tipped the balance in her favour over Saunders.

      How does any Democrat square this?
      Berni Saunders, you have genuine qualities of a statesman!

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