Democrats bankrupt on Israel

The Hilary Clinton team knows that she is one of the most unpopular Democrats ever to run for the presidency. The Senator for Goldman Sachs and Israel’s proxy in America, Clinton was desperate to shore up her cred with progressive Democrats.hence she allowed 5 Sander’s delegates onto the 15 person Platform Drafting Committee

On June 25 in the dead of night the face off began between the five Democrat progressives appointed by Sanders and the ten hacks appointed by the Clinton team. All were pro-Israel to the core with nothing but bankrupt status quo ideas to add to the mix.
In order to give as little exposure as possible to the issue of Palestine, the second round of debates took place at night. This is the Nicodemus effect named after the sneaky hypocrite who could only come to jesus by night.The Clinton campaign has done everything to shut down any serious discussion of Israel’s occupation. It took a Jew, Bernie Sanders to bring it to the fore.
It was downright embarrassing to see the incredible logic used by Clinton team to justify the ugly status quo in Israel/Palestine
Robert Wexler, a former congressman from Florida and president of a pro-Israel advocacy group used the old canard of “delegitimizing Israel” to pan BDS movement. Nobody wishes to do this. What critics need to do is delegitimize apartheid Israel, to make it a democracy for all.


As most people know Israel is losing the PR war in the Middle East and are desperate to shut down the BDS movement.
The worst Clinton surrogate and a major Jewish donor to the Clinton campaign, Bonnie Schaefer, former joint-CEO of the jewelry chain Claire’s Stores,came up with wildest non-sequitur of the night when she didn’t even bother addressing the issues raised in the amendment. Instead, she engaged in pinkwashing.
“As a gay Jewish Zionist, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, as we all know, the only place in the Middle East that I can walk down the street with my wife hand in hand and not be afraid.
Pinkwashing is a tactic often used by Israel in its defense. Toleration of gays is supposed to make people forget the 50 years of occupation. What a silly woman–albeit with deep pockets and with noting to say.


Schaefer was answered by James Zogby the president of the Arab American Institute who said “you can go and walk down the street of Tel Aviv holding the hand of your wife, I can’t get in the airport without seven hours of harassment because I’m of Arab descent. We have to be able to call it what it is. It’s an occupation that humiliates people, that breeds contempt, that breeds anger and despair and hopelessness, that leads to violence.”
Cornel West, professor and political commentator blew the whole meeting to smithereens


When the IDF [Israeli army] kills innocent people, over 500 babies in 51 days, no matter how many shields they say Hamas uses, it’s wrong,” said West, referring to Israel’s summer 2014 attack on Gaza.

The “Democratic Party must tell the truth,” West implored. “We can never fully respect the Palestinians unless we can name … the boot on their necks.”
“I come from a people who’ve been hated,” West added, drawing an analogy between the long history of denying the horrors inflicted on African Americans and the refusal to recognize the oppression of Palestinians.
Over 2000 were killed and over 500 babies killed and not a word from our political elite.
What is going on in this country What is going on among our elite, are we so paralyzed? Are we so debilitated by either the money flowing or indifference in our hearts, I would hope not. That’s what the legacy of Martin Luther King and Dorothy Day and so many others was all about….

If we are not able to deal with that then we’re in the same condition this party was in 80 years ago when it didn’t want to deal with Jim Crow, didn’t want to deal with lynching, locked in a state of denial and saying, Somehow these Negroes are going to make it through with this misery. We refuse. I refuse to reach that conclusion.

The real question is going to be that a commitment to security for our precious Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel can never be predicated on an occupation of precious Palestinians. We’re going to have to talk seriously about occupation.

I don’t know if you’d allow a use of the word occupation, West said, when the New York Times can’t even state it directly.

But he said the Palestinians have been “demeaned devalued dominated exploited” for over 50 years. And “for too long the Democratic Party has been beholden to AIPAC.”

We’re at a turning point now,” West said. It will go slowly inside the Democratic Party and more quickly outside it, which is “why I support the BDS.”

But the Party must downplay “the unbelievable misery we see in Gaza, the West Bank and other places.”

Of course the Clintonites outnumbered the Sanders supporters 10-5 and the Democrats will keep giving Israel a blank cheque.


Nicodemus, the base, hypocrite of John 3 won again—out of sight of the majority of American people. The whole sordid event however was seen on C Span at in the early morning.


An article in the Electronic Intifada by Rania Khalek was posted on June 27.


One of the respondents named Sage nailed the whole sordid mess when she wrote;
There is no doubt about it, Clinton is pro occupation and illegal settlements. She knows fully well what Israel’s crimes are, in fact the US State Department has condemned illegal settlements, and yet her hunger to be President has made her put any concern for the Palestinians aside, so that she can please her wealthy Jewish pro Israeli donors. Clinton has thrown the Palestinians under the bus at this stage of the game, imagine how things would be when she is in the White House and Netanyahu will have a great influence in our policies. It is frightening.


“Alfredo” weighed in as well:


The posture adopted by the DNC and Clinton surrogates is an insult to human rights and spits on the face of those who see the illegal and immoral abuses committed against the Palestinians and other minority groups within Israel. There is no way that this travesty of platform is going to attract those who support Bernie Sanders’ vision of a long overdue political revolution. Shame on each and every democrat who stock to Clinton’s hypocritical double talk about Israel and the Palestinians. History won’t be kind to these people.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    What a statesman that Bernie Saunders!
    Taking on Wall Street and blasting Trump all while upholding the principles he fought for without once hitting at Clinton.

    One very smart man knowing full well what a divided party would mean for Trump.

    While Ted is right about Clinton’s support for Israel and the Jewish money flowing in as a result , Saunders has to support her nonetheless knowing the full consequences of a divided Democratic Party.

    Whichever way you view it, we are all in big trouble following the next American election.

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Jimmy Carter today endorsed Clinton and praised Saunders for backing her.
    More people realize how disastrous Trump would be.

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