The American betrayal of Palestine



Hilary Trump

So the the political conventions are over. The one party with two wings once again abandoned the Palestinian cause. American Jewish money is just too good to turn down by the craven politicians, people who should know better like Andrew Cuomo and Hilary Clinton —both in deep pockets of Adelson, Saban, Lauder and several others who continue to turn their backs on ethical Judaism and demand fealty from the one single party–with two wings.

Give the Bern credit. He put Israel on the agenda. Also as Eric Mann another Jew of conscience wrote:

In the New York Democratic Primary, Bernie Sanders, a Jew, one who had lived in a kibbutz in Israel, stood up to AIPAC, stood up to the Israeli government, stood up to reactionary forces in the Jewish community, humanized the Palestinians, chastised Israel for its abuses, and did so with no clear electoral calculation.

Ralph Nader wrote about Hilary’s Caring for kids:

Caring for kids” doesn’t extend to encircled Gaza’s defenseless children, hundreds of whom were killed by American-made weapons wielded by the all powerful Israeli military. Gaza is the the world’s largest open air prison and under illegal blockade. Remember, as Secretary of State, Hillary fully backed war crimes, condemned by almost all countries in the world. On the stage in Philadelphia, she spoke of backing Israel’s security without any mention of Palestinian rights or the need to end Israel’s illegal occupation of the territories.

So there seems to be no difference between the two parties. However on the ground in many Jewish communities, particularly among  millenials Zionism is dying.

Meanwhile in Israel, the scribe-prophet Gideon Levy named this massive evil that the US continues to ignore. On July 28, 2016 in Haaretz  he wrote:

One hundred and eighty babies and children up to the age of 5. One hundred and eighty helpless babies and toddlers that the Israel Defense Forces killed in Gaza in the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. In their sleep, in their play, as they fled; in their beds or in their parents’ arms. Try to imagine – the army killed 546 children in the course of 50 days. More than 10 children a day, a classroom every three days. Try to imagine.


But these updated, verified figures, released by the B’Tselem NGO on the second anniversary of the killing, are hard to imagine. It’s easier to dismiss them with a shrug, a look in the other direction or the lame excuses of Israeli propaganda. The figures that should have haunted Israeli society and keep it awake at night – that should have sparked a stormy public debate and shaken it– are of no interest at all. Any natural disaster at the end of the world would have evoked more human feelings here than this slaughter, which Israel committed an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv…. Israel hasn’t even looked straight at the facts and confessed.


It was all for security’s sake, inevitable, Israel is the victim, they are Satan, that’s how it is in war, that’s how it always is – a 100 times more Palestinian fatalities than Israeli ones in Cast Lead, 30 times more in the 2014 conflict. (“So, did you want more Israelis to be killed?”) This ghastly lack of proportion doesn’t raise any question or doubt, not to mention criticism. Nor does what’s left – 90,000 residents still homeless, living for the past two years among the debris or in wretched tin huts. A Swedish journalist who visited Gaza for a few days last week returned with the pictures – tin boxes housing people whose homes were destroyed in Huza’a, near Khan Yunis. There’s no point in continuing to describe the magnitude of the disaster in Gaza. It’s of no concern to anyone in Israel. Human compassion over Gaza? Funny. Even the fact that, due to the bombardments and the siege, 90 million liters of raw sewage flow from Gaza into the Mediterranean Sea, the same sea our children bathe in, doesn’t bother anyone here.
Levy who actually lives in Israel and daily holds the mirror up to the stunning day to day cruelty of an occupied people topped his July 28 column three days later

+ After we’ve cited nationalism and racism, hatred and contempt for Arab life, the security cult and resistance to the occupation, victimhood and messianism, one more element must be added without which the behavior of the Israeli occupation regime cannot be explained: Evil. Pure evil. Sadistic evil. Evil for its own sake. Sometimes, it’s the only explanation.

Self censorship insures language like this will never be heard in Canada.



Readers are directed to another hopeful “Jew of conscience” Ben Ehrenreich’s new book just out The Way to the Spring: Life and Death in Palestine. In unsentimental language he brilliantly chronicles the unremitting and scandalous abuse of a besieged people—one who never stop affirming their own dignity.




  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Another valuable and deeply moving story Ted. You are educating the masses. Well at least me. Nowhere do we read or watch this truth in our media.

    Bernie has done all he can. So sad to see an empire fall in such disgrace.

    As Phil Berrigan said of the Pentagon- a house of cards waiting to fall. People of conscience watch as the money backed tycoons wage war with other people’s lives.

  2. It is really difficult to grasp the twisted and silent support for Israel. Our Canadian government is no better than the U.S. on this issue. Trudeau told Netanyahu he has his back. Why? What are all the reasons for this terrible despicable injustice against our fellow human beings? Our media is silent? Much of the world is silent? Many fight against the BDS movement? Yet it appears that BDS could be winning. Social activists, people that live and believe in the ‘Golden Rule,’ will continue to do what they can and hope for good to overcome this evil.

    • 3
      mushafta Says:

      Amen brother!
      Why is speaking for the rights of an oppressed people on the way to extinction anti Semitic?
      I thought Trudeau Jr. had more moral fibre . Not so.

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