Indepoendent Jewish Voices and the Greens

Independent Jewish Voices is the voice of sanity and social justice for progressive Jews in Canada.



Like any progressive party, the membership and conventions decide party policy.

At their last conclave the Greens voted to support the BDS movement.

This sent leader Elizabeth May into a convulsive state.

All leaders of Canadian parties when it comes to Israel  are totally out of touch with the brutal reality of occupation in Israel/Palestine but for many reasons are terrified of being accused of being anti-Semitic, a worn out canard if there ever was one.


Today with the advent of the internet, cell phones, Facebook and exposure tours Israel’s crimes and flaunting of international law as well as its massive disproportionate slaughters in Gaza have been laid to bare.
Today there is a massive disconnect between institutional Jewish leaders from rabbis to NGOS and millenials who have cut through the decades of propaganda.
Congrats to the Green membership says IJV in their latest press release
We congratulate the Green Party of Canada on the passage of its historic Palestinian rights resolutions

“The Green Party of Canada has passed two resolutions of historic importance that can only have a positive impact on the pursuit of justice and peace in the Middle East, as well as on Canadian democracy,” said Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV) spokesperson Tyler Levitan.
On Sunday, the Greens passed a resolution endorsing the non-violent tactic of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS). The BDS movement began in 2005 when a broad coalition of Palestinian civil society organizations called on international activists, governments, and institutions to apply pressure on the Israeli government to comply with international law and respect Palestinians’ rights.
Levitan explained that,“This is the first time a Canadian political party with representation in the House of Commons has taken a strong and positive position in solidarity with the grassroots Palestinian movement for freedom, justice and equality.”
In 2004, the International Court of Justice ruled that the route of Israel’s segregation wall and its use of Jewish-only settlements to displace and dispossess Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories were illegal. “I read [that] decision,” said Lisa Barrett, the Green Party’s Shadow Cabinet Critic for International Affairs. “The decision was made by highly qualified jurists and we as a Party have to support social justice. We’ve seen BDS tactics work against the Apartheid regime in South Africa, and if we hadn’t pursued it vigorously then, Nelson Mandela would have died in jail. Our resolution is very explicit that we are targeting those Israeli companies that profit from the Occupation of Palestine,” Barrett said.
“One day the Palestinian people will have a just peace. Those who fail to stand for Palestinian rights will be judged harshly. Let us not be judged harshly.” – Dimitri Lascaris, Green Party Justice Critic (who submitted BDS resolution)
At the convention, the Greens also passed an historic resolution in support of revoking the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund of Canada (JNF Canada), an organization whose flagship project, “Canada Park”, is situated over the ruins of ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages within the occupied West Bank.

While the original resolution referred specifically to the JNF Canada, the resolution that passed held to the original resolution’s intent, but broadened its scope to include all charities that are in violation of Canadian or international human rights law. Elizabeth May stated that “I want to be clear about this: the Jewish National Fund has been complicit and involved in human rights violations in building Canada Park on top of land that was dispossessed from Palestinians who are living there in 1967.”


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    mushafta Says:

    This is a remarkable first step, but obviously shows the immensity of the barrier given the absence of the media on this issue, the size of the Jewish lobby and the longstanding tradition of Canadian political parties not wanting to polarize this issue given the vast amounts of Jewish money that would stop flowing into their coffers.

    Of course the Jason Kenneys out there will immediately jump on the anti Semitic bandwagon much like his mirror image Harper as he eternally praised Israel’s Netanyahu as Canada’s best friend.

    All about looking the other way as Israel year after year commits genocide against a people with their backs to the wall and few real friends willing to stand up and be counted.

    They can now count on Canada’s Green Party but not their leader Elizabeth May.

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