Prayer of gratitude: teachers!




In several Anglican parishes there is the blessing of the back packs for the young ones going back to school .I do not know if RC parishes do this.

A nice liturgical overture. It got me thinking.
At mass on Sunday my prayer was for the gratitude of teachers who more and more find themselves in loco parentis. The highest pratyer is always one of gratitude.
Teachers today are faced with heavier burdens than other generations and in particular God bless those marvellous elementary teachers who step up when divorce rates have skied. More and more kids are acting out in classes because they demand the attention they do not get at home.Into the breach,teachers adding what is not on the curriculum TLC.


A few years ago the teachers’ union in New Zealand reported that of those 80 percent, 64 percent spent up to $200 a year, 22 percent spent up to $500 and 14 percent spent $500 or more per year. Similar results in Ontario.


There is an apartment building a block north of our Catholic community and here I pointed it out . There was no plaque honouring Mary Sheehan my grade six teacher, a woman way ahead of her time. No Walk of Fame for teachers but a lot of low level gratitude all over the world.
Not only did she pound out that Note Dame Fighting song on that old piano
Cheer cheer for old Notre Dame
Wake Up the echoes cheering her name

This was a time when Notre Dame gave Catholics a sense of pride when Toronto was Little Belfast. Miss Sheehan also taught us our Latin after school so we could become altar boys.

Mary Sheehan presenté. Never forgotten.

Man, St. Pete’s was rundown when my dad went here. No matter . Great teachers  like

Mary Sheehan thrive everywhere.



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