Shimon Peres

Marc Ellis, Jewish American theologian

Peres played a key role in Israel’s development of nuclear weapons and encouraged and augmented Israel’s settlement project in Jerusalem and the West Bank. As important was Peres’s role in portraying Israel as a Jewish and democratic state around the world. From the beginning, Palestinians knew a different Israel and, with time, more and more Jews do, too. Though Peres will be widely celebrated in the upper echelons of American and European power in the coming days, Peres will be remembered for enabling a narrative of Jewish innocence and redemption that was, also, something much more sinister from the beginning. 





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    mushafta Says:

    Almost as if no one is permitted to criticize Israel on any point, regardless of its track record with the occupation of Palestine, it’s settlement of their land and the justification for continued one sided wars against them.

    When the Western world has no critical remarks to make on the chief architect of Israel’s current behaviour as an aggressive occupying force it speaks volumes of the timidity of the Western press to squeak a harsh thought.

    So terribly unjust, sad, and lacking in prophetic courage.

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    mushafta Says:

    Tom Maggliano of the National Catholic Reporter has an excellent article on the Palestinian issue which highlights in this interview with Jerusalem’s bishop the need for a two state solution:

    Recently, I emailed questions to Auxiliary Bishop William Shomali of Jerusalem, asking him to share his firsthand insights regarding the many injustices and the violent environment in the land of the Prince of Peace. He graciously sent back a recorded audio response, upon which this column is based.
    Shomali said one of the most pressing problems facing Palestinians is Israeli-imposed restrictions on movement. For example, he said, Palestinians living in Bethlehem or Ramallah need to obtain a permit to go just 6 miles to Jerusalem. And permits are only given during principle feasts.

    He said the ongoing illegal building of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land in the occupied territories is an extremely serious roadblock to a peaceful solution.

    To correct these and other injustices, Israel needs to participate in good-faith negotiations toward the two-state solution: the establishment of an independent viable Palestinian nation coexisting peacefully with a fully recognized state of Israel.

    He emphasized that the Holy See continues to firmly support the two-state solution.

    Explore Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation on the family with our free study guide.
    “Negotiations could be successful if there is goodwill. Some settlements can be given to Palestinians and Israelis can keep some of the settlements close to Israel. Other land exchange agreements can be reached as well,” said Shomali.

    “But unconditional U.S. support for Israel negatively affects the situation,” he said.

    A two-state solution could be agreed upon by the U.N. Security Council, but the U.S. continues to block a U.N. binding resolution that would set a timetable for the establishment of the nation of Palestine, said Shomali.

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