Jonathan Kuttab —still hoping pt 2


New thinking for a new moment was Jonathan Kuttab’s message at Beit Zatoun September 26. This is a precis of his remarks then…pt.2

The 2 state is obviously dead. No one will remove 600,000 illegal settlers, You’ve won.your facts are on the ground–illegally. So what is next? What does it mean for the Jews of Israel.The Palestinian Arabs are second class but they are going nowhere.What are you going to do about it?

The combined Palestinian population creeps to 50%.

Does this mean one state?

It is obvious that world opinion prohibits any more ethnic cleansing. So what is to happen?

Is Israel a democracy? Well, democracies must accommodate minorities but Israel is becoming more and more right wing —and the youth are worse than their elders.There is greater racism, moves to fascism and Jews of America are increasingly uncomfortable with this trend in Israel, no longer the world’s darling. Its success at occupation has succeeded only by ignoring international treaties and Jewish values.


Now in their desperation, Israel and its American friends no longer debates but attempt to shut down criticism by going right to the top —to schools, newspapers– just as they as they did with Toronto teacher Nadia Shoufani.


I was just in Saskatoon . Nobody showed up to debate me—they just went to the dean of the law school and demanded they have another speaker to balance me. It is impossible they were told. The school invites many speakers. This is the new modus operandi. Never debate. Go to the top and demand.


In the USA, AIPAC and American billionaires demand politicians end BDS.They know the USA will veto any progressive movement.They simply do not care but many Jews have had it with Netanyahu’s overbearing arrogance.


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    mushafta Says:

    Yep! Everywhere a movement to the far right.

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