Israel against the world

As usual it is the journalist prophet, a former aide to Shimon Peres who nailed the real problem in ISRAEl


It’s the occupation stupid is a précis of Gideon Levy’s column on Sunday October 2

But then the brilliant and inclusive Israeli newspaper Haaretz is read by 4% of the Israeli populace.40% read the freebie paid for by the Netanyahu idolator, Sheldon Adelson. It is the equivalent of FOX news.and in the end it is the real enemy of Israel and peace in the Middle East.It is people like Levy who are the true patriots



Levy has insisted for years that Israelis are the most brainwashed people in the world.

Here is part of his column:
On Friday, the world made a very clear and resolute statement: we love Israel and hate the occupation; we love Israel and hate its policy; we love to love Israel, long to embrace it and admire it — just give us a sign, a hint, a signal. Show that you are headed toward peace, that at least you are doing something toward ending the occupation — a speech, negotiations, a conference, lip service, anything — and we’ll shower you with all our love, even more than you deserve. You won’t be pariahs.


You are currently pariahs not because you’re Jews and not because you’re Israelis — don’t believe your demagogic leaders, who tell you this to absolve themselves and you of the heavy responsibility and blame. You are pariahs because you are brutal occupiers. You are pariahs because you thumb your noses at the world and its institutions, as almost no other country would dare do. The whole world is against us? Nonsense! It is Israel that is against the world. It’s not important what Israel does? That’s the only thing that is important. An end to the occupation will end Israel’s pariah status.


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    mushafta Says:

    “Let us pray that our world leaders would come to realize the occupation by Israel is a major blow to peace in the Middle East.”

    Typical church Sunday prayer! The Palestinians need more protest and activism and a lot less meaningless prayer. Ok, I’m not knocking prayer. But we get too much of it from self loving hypocritical churches.

    Ohh how the churches love to unite politically around abortion, assisted dieing legislation, and now pornography. But the real issues? Where are they? Why isn’t the American Catholic church’s voice loudly condemning Trump? Endorsing Bernie Saunders? Influencing the flow of American arms to Israel? Words that fly up to the heavens are as cheap as borsch. Real prayer has an action component and has a cost. The stuff I see just doesn’t cut it.

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