Bishops abandon KAIROS


Just arrived from Canadian bishops the  CCCB.

(CCCB – Ottawa)… After careful reflection and discernment, the Catholic Bishops of Canada at theirPlenary Assembly, September 26-30, 2016, decided that the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) will end its membership in KAIROS, an ecumenical social justice coalition founded in 2001. This decision followed consultations with the CCCB Permanent Council, the Executive Committee, the Commission for Justice and Peace, and the Commission for Christian Unity, Religious Relations with the Jews, and Interfaith Dialogue.

File it under “If we are not leading the parade, we are not in it.”

This has long been–at least since popes JP ll and Benedict- official institutional practice.If we can not control the agenda we are not part of it. After all we are the Roman Catholic Church.

The JP bishops never had much interest in justice and so they have pulled their funding from KAIROS . All this as they continue their march to irrelevance.
Joe Gunn the Catholic director Citizens for Public Justice, formerly a staffer at the CCCB in a March talk at St Jerome’s University commented:


Today, the capacity and determination of the churches to work for social and ecological justice does seem weak. Service to the world now seems less of a concern than doctrine and maintenance of a shrinking membership base among the largest, historical denominations. Economically, the mainline churches are suffering, with unfortunate cuts to church staff and budgets becoming widespread.

Joe went on to write the following

A month ago I contacted the social ministry offices of Canada’s nine largest Christian churches and asked if they’d answer a few questions about their social ministries. Eight of the nine were more than pleased to do so: only the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops declined to respond. I received helpful replies from the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the Anglican Church of Canada, the United Church in Canada, the Christian Reformed Church, Mennonite Central Committee, the Canadian Religious Conference and the Canadian Council of Churches.

Yep, that’s just about how they operate today—they don’t respond and go on their merry way.Father knows best.

Imagine the largest ecclesial body in Canada—albeit a group with less and less followers, generals without armies, refusing to join a Canadian ecumenical justice coalition.

It looks like an “anti-Pope Francis” move.



  1. This is so tragic – on so many fronts. It’s really hard to know what to do.

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Look! These bishops for the most part have largely ignored the real needs of their flocks.
    They continue to walk through the arch of crossed swords of the Knights of Columbus in an age reminiscent of the church triumphant and the glory years of Constantine’s influence.

    All of this is polar opposite to the new demands from Pope Francis. Look at the Alberta bishops pulling the rug on funerals for people dieing and consuming assisted death.
    Contrast this with the recently Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Lacrois of Quebec who refuses to impose the same nonsense on his flock.

    Where is the mercy in this old boys’ club? Where lies any resemblance to the agenda that Pope Francis demands?

    Thank God a Francis has come! And thank Gid he is smart enough to start electing cardinals who are more like himself and less like JP2.

  3. 3

    Sad news. The commentary fits some of the United Church of Canada as well – especially on “doctrine” and serving a declining membership base. Allan >

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