America: “the family is broken.”

The arrogant and ignorant clown takes the reins as only 54.5% of the dumbed down electorate votes..


And on cue the humble Leonard Cohen exits this earth. With Trump at the helm, for Leonard, its Closing time. He’s seen enough. Cue one more time his prophetic homage to America, Democracy id Coming to the USA, “the cradle of the best and the worst

It’s coming to America first,
The cradle of the best and of the worst.
It’s here they got the range
And the machinery for change
And it’s here they got the spiritual thirst.
It’s here the family’s broken
And it’s here the lonely say
That the heart has got to open
In a fundamental way:
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.


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    mushafta Says:

    Great post Ted!
    Cohen the long time spiritual and philosophic critic of the system; not held down by his Jewish roots and willing to share his deep insights on war and other madness.

    Dark days lie ahead with a total ignoramus in charge of a fallen empire. Just what the world needs to make America great again. It’ll be a real clown show when he puts the likes of Gingrich and Guiliani in his cabinet. And I thought we had seen everything unimaginable with Regan and then Bush. No wonder Pope Francis is praying for him.

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