Christ the King?


Christ the King is a minor feast in the church’s calendar to be sure. We celebrate it this sunday. I would love to hear the homilies in wealthy parishes.What does this really mean Christ the King when the kingdom is upside down and associated with losers, the nonviolent, the mourners, the meek and the pure of heart not to mention the peacemakers of the Beatitudes?

This pre-Advent  sunday really defines the whole Catholic Christian enterprise. Which Christ are we following?

It is a stark reminder  of our ultimate allegiance. To whom do we really belong?

This once again came home to me in the recent American election when once gain Catholics failed the smell test…as they did in the Reagan years,  giving this truly awful president 2 mandates. Catholics said with their vote: Christ the lover of the poor, the non violent regent of God is not rally Lord. America is. Wealth is . Power is. We are comfortable with the growing gap between rich and poor, the environment? What’s that got to do with Jesus? Yep Catholics sided with the basher of the poor Ronny Reagan and now RCs are on board with the Donald.

Trumps’s America like Reagan’s like a bloated military budget which in effect is a war on the poor and the common good; they seemingly do not  mind  millions of people with no health care. and as for the environment, the greatest moral issue of our time, we are with the polluters.”Believing man” as Dan Berrigan often said, “is political man.” Budgets are moral documents. Do we serve God or mammon? Is it Yahweh or Amway?

Where does a country and a president put his money? 3 billion a year to Israel and nada for sub-Sahara Africa?

To which Christ do we belong? Is the crucified one, our Lord? Christ the King sunday challenges to our core.


Dorothy Solle’s Credo is fitting today. This Christ is King.

I believe in God

who created the world not ready made

like a thing that must forever stay what it is

who does not govern according to eternal laws

that have perpetual validity

nor according to natural orders

of poor and rich,

experts and ignoramuses,

people who dominate and people subjected.

I believe in God
 who desires the counter-argument of the living

and the alteration of every condition

through our work

through our politics.
I believe in Jesus Christ

who was right when he

“as an individual who can’t do anything”

just like us

worked to alter every condition

and came to grief in so doing

Looking to him I discern

how our intelligence is crippled,

our imagination suffocates,

and our exertion is in vain

because we do not live as he did
Every day I am afraid

that he died for nothing

because he is buried in our churches,

because we have betrayed his revolution

in our obedience to and fear

of the authorities.

I believe in Jesus Christ

who is resurrected into our life

so that we shall be free

from prejudice and presumptuousness

from fear and hate

and push his revolution onward

and toward his reign
I believe in the Spirit

who came into the world with Jesus,
in the communion of all peoples

and our responsibility for what will become of our earth:

a valley of tears, hunger, and violence
or the city of God.

I believe in the just peace

that can be created,

in the possibility of meaningful life

for all humankind,

in the future of this world of God.


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    mushafta Says:

    And what of the good Catholic Paul Ryan who months ago saying Donald Trump was a text book racist. And just two days ago he was back on the very same page as President elect Trump. Wow! Hypocrisy or just plain addiction to power?

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