Once again amnesia : Fidel Castro

Oh the historical amnesia!

Poor  young Trudeau getting slammed for his comments on Castro.


CBC had the red meat Toronto Sun editor on flaying Trudeau as if Castro was Ivan the Terrible.And all the Postmedia papers around the country following suit, the same papers which bless israel’s horrific 50 year occupation of Palestine.

No historical memory of Cuba as a whore house for Americans and cheap rum and cigars for Miamians,  run by a corrupt dictator Fulgencio Batista who ran to Portugal with millions of stolen dollars. Cuba was amassive charnel house of impoverishment before Fidel booted the thieves out.

All these ‘experts” forget, the capitaist disease where novelty always destroys the memory of the past. The “Kennedy”  historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. described Cuba pre-Castro:
The corruption of the government, the brutality of the police, the regime’s indifference to the needs of the people for education, medical care, housing, for social justice and economic opportunity … constituted an open invitation to revolution.”


Castro became a hero for all of Latin America fed up with the USA controlling the southern cone as tits own property. The Monroe doctrine of 1823 supposedly ceded the south to the USA which ran it like its own fiefdom.10% of aamericans have passports  and are blithely ignorantof the rest of the world, so they have no idea why Fidel was idolized by all of Latin america,

For  these folks he was a “commie.”

Remember even FDR got caught up with it in the late 30sWhen others complained that Somoza of Nicaragua was a cruel bastard, FDR’s line was, “yes but he’s our bastard.’ In other words all the ‘dictaduras”, the harsh dictators propped up the USA in country after country would do Uncle Sam’s bidding—murder if they had to, any progressive Salvadoran, Guatemalan, Chilean, Argentinean etc to keep the oil, bananas, and natural resources cheap and flowing north.

Fidel was the one who stopped the USA dead in its imperial tracks. They never forgave him, tried to assassinate him, They sent in the Cuban exiles in the Bay of Pigs. After that fiasco even JFK never trusted tire wise men of the Pentagon again.
So Castro was pushed—and nobody defends his harsh treatments of dissidents, but those Cubanos screaming loudest in Miami and that silly Sun editor have a bad case of amnesia.
Free education, sending doctors all over the world while trying to fend off the USA. It’s amazing he survived to 90.
Gmme a break.
As usual those screaming loudest have no historical sense at all.Even in death Fidel gives them apoplexy.


Poor Justin folded like a cheap suit and backed off attending Castro’s funeral. His father would have given the baying hounds the Trudeau salute.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    “From Columus to Castro” by Dr Eric Williams. A great read!

    Most people forget one thing about Castro. He gave the blacks self esteem, lifted them out if poverty, provided literacy to everyone and kept the Cubans safe from America. Cuba has one of the world’s highest literacy rates. Their agricultural sector is one of the best in Latin America. Kids are not mamby pandied in elementary school. They get work exposure early so there is no unemployment later on.

    Among all the great things that Castro did one thing will go down in history . Black people in Cuba can look you in the eye. They have dignity and ultra high self esteem. Not so before the revolution.

  2. 2
    bfinny Says:

    There is a famous story retold in Jamaica about Michael Manley’s funeral at the Catholic Cathedral in Kingston. Prior to the funeral when Fidel entered the Cathedral to take his seat, those in attendance gave him a standing ovation! A communist getting a royal welcome in a Catholic cathedral. What a sight that must have been! The People of God spoke! Castro was loved in Jamaica for standing up to the powerful on behalf of the poor!

  3. 3
    Caroline Maloney Says:

    So well said, Ted! Thank You! I remember listening to a session given by Bishop De Roo back sometime in the 70’s (when he was chair of social affairs commission of the CCCB) on his return from Cuba. He had been talking with Fidel Castro who said the one thing he (Fidel) regretted was getting rid of the church because he later realized it was “the glue” that held communities together. I too was surprised when Justin Trudeau caved “like a cheap suit”; He sure doesn’t have his dad’s conviction and courage! Thanks again, Ted!

    Caroline Maloney Drumheller, AB

    Sent from my iPad


  4. 4
    mushafta Says:

    What’s troubling about the backlash Trudeau is getting that it largely onside with the incoming ignorant president elect. Just listen to Ambrose in the House applaud his coming. Won’t she and her fellow Conservatives be happy to welcome the fuher to Ottawa. A bunch of ignorant hipocrites that know little or nothing about the real world outside their home country!

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