Party of One


Party of One is Michael Harris’s devastating critique of the late and unlamented Stephen Harper’s tenure as Prime Minister.

One wonders how this control freak ever got the top job. His whole value system was out of synch with most Canadians.. The Prime Minister of the Oil Patch, the lover of Tar Sands oil, the environmental scofflaw, the trasher of democracy.

Oh yeah, the Liberal scandal.It was time to throw the bum’s out .And Canada got Harper, the USA loving policy wonk.

What a dispiriting read but as the old saw goes you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Harris goes chapter and verse over Harper’s attempt to turn the country rightward..which of course he did—for a brief time.

The book is loaded with painful memories…the worst was Harper’s cringe-inducing apology to the Bush’s team for not going into Iraq.”A serious mistake” as Stevie wrote in the Wall Street Journal. The saddest chapter is Harris’ interview with our former ambassador to the UN Paul Heinbecker who entered the foreign service in 1965 and left in 2004.
“The neo-conservative idea of foreign policy is about flexing military muscle.Its about free trade deals. It is a reversal of our history. We used to be advocates of constructive internationalism.We used to work hard to make that work.Our advice was so sought after. Now we are a country with baggage.’Harper had absolutely no interest in the UN which had always been at the heart of our global diplomacy.


“Stephen Harper,” Heinbecker says,” doesn’t have a clue about what the UN is about…the West is always right; the UN should always do what the West wants.

This was a PM who never had a passport before becoming first minister.



International pariah is more like it from our scandalous track record on global warming, (the first country to bolt from the Kyoto Protocol). As Elizabeth May said Harper turned the country into the North Korea df the Environment. to our bizarre blessing of Israel’s 50 year illegal occupation of Palestinian land, to our shameless treatment of veterans. The list is endless.
“We have become outliers…more American than the Americans, says Heinbecker.What an achievement.


That’s the unkindest cut of all for a Canadian.”more Israeli than Likud.”


Heinbecker’s conclusion “Pearson and Mulroney were giants on the international scene,,,Trudeau got the world interested in Canada. Haprer: ” no big achievements unless you count war.”


What a legacy.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Right on Ted!
    And now you have a bunch of neo fascists attempting to duplicate Trump’s victory competing for Harper’s old job.

    Look how we helped destroy Afghanistan and in the process the destruction of countless soldiers’ lives, not to mention the suicides and ptsd effects from war. A brilliant self serving narcissistic bigot and racist with strong ties to the elite and powerful. A mirror image of Netanyahu wearing the same pair of blinkers to avoid the painful reality of Canada’s apartheid to the Aboriginals.

    The harsh reality is that this guy has left many followers. Beware the likes of Jason Catholic Kenny! Not to mention those other racists bigots running federally in the Conservative leadership race. Too many to count!

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Hope is where your ass is…Dan Berrigan

    I pulled this from NCR just recently published wherein Phil Berrigan’s daughter Frieda encourages anti war supporters after the Trump election. We need to hear this on our own land.

    “of a regional Pax Christi group gathered here Dec. 4 to honor two local peacemakers, but the dominant subtext of the evening was the president-elect and what his administration could mean for an anti-war organization working against racism and harsh treatment of immigrants.
    Into the breach spoke Frida Berrigan, who used the words of her late uncle, noted pacifist and anti-war activist Jesuit Fr. Daniel Berrigan: “Know where you stand and stand there.” She said that was his public, polite form of an earthier version used among family that went: “Hope is where your ass is.”

    Whatever the version, what he was talking about, she said, was not “the stuff of legend,” not “King of Prussia or Catonsville.” The references were to high profile acts of civil disobedience during which the brothers Berrigan, Daniel and Philip, Frida’s late father, were arrested and for which they received jail sentences. Rather, she told the more than 100 attending the event, hope lies in the “knot of everyday life,” which for her involves organizing neighbors to reclaim public space and collecting clothes and other goods for two refugee families.”

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