Chas McCarthy to Pope Francis



This is the mere opening of that incredible apostle of the  nonviolent Jesus, Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

Dear Pope Francis,

Christ is in our midst. He is now and ever shall be.

I am aware that several hundred Catholics and Americans of goodwill have appealed to you by letter, petitioning you regarding your upcoming visit to the United States in September. They appeal to you to denounce the U.S. government—not the American people—for the nation’s military aggression, its ongoing nuclear armament, its use of torture, and its genocide of the Arab people of the Middle East. These conscientious Americans are, surely, representative of tens of millions of other people of goodwill who are sickened by the agony that the U.S. economic, political, and military elites have intentionally brought down upon the Arab people.

Many American Catholics have waited every Sunday—for more than a decade now—waited for their bishop or priest to say something to counter the prevailing U.S. culture of unapologetic militarism, war mythology, war profiteering, vicious Machiavellian morality, with its stealing from the poor in order to fund killing the poor, all the while watching their local dioceses and churches morph into breeding grounds of nationalistic sentimentality, patriotic fervor, and glorification of the military. It is not difficult to understand why many American Catholics and others are looking to you, Pope Francis, to finally, finally, say something about this nightmarish, cold-blooded, pre-emptive war, and its crushing, merciless consequences for the people of the Middle East.





  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Right on Ted!
    Pope Francis is one smart dude.
    Tries to play one card the least offensive to all.
    Difficult wicket to defend. But the bigger question remains: Why can’t the weak kneed prelates like cardinals and bishops wade into their awakening conscience and prophetically cry out like Bishop Hunthausen of the 80’s and the Berrigans?

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