Israel abuts and ignores Aleppo

Another laser across the bow of Israel from the resident prophet, Gideon Levy.

Has anybody pointed out that Israel borders on Syria and yet israel ignores Syrian refugees.


It’s easy for anybody who watches Israel closely—they are mainly Muslims. Herre’s the country which air lifted 1 million Russians, most of them Jrewsw in name only. Israel sits sit by and watches aleppo burn

Levy has foir a long time excoriated Israelis, particularly his own Tel Aviv citizens as crassly on.

They’re the worst, the hypocrites and the self-righteous. The ones who are shocked at the scenes from Aleppo, tsking as they watch television and certain that the world has to do something. The world, but not they and not their country. Urgently, right now, without delay, but not they and not their country. They are assuaging their conscience, so beautiful, superior and moral in their own eyes. They are after all not indifferent to the horrors of Aleppo; they are people of conscience and justice and this pains them. It pains them so much – they can’t sleep at night at the sight of the dead children, they think about their grandmothers and grandfathers in the Holocaust and how the world stood by and did nothing and how this must not be allowed to happen again. Never again. But not they and not their country. Somebody else. Israel, after all, can’t. It is an enemy country and so it can’t interfere, and it’s a special case and therefore it can’t take in refugees, like Sweden for example.
The second group is the indifferent people. What does all that have to do with them? Israel is not involved, and all the rest is not interesting. In fact, nothing interests them except for their own private world. Occupation-shmockupation, asylum-seekers, Syria. Just leave us alone to plan our next vacation in peace.


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    mushafta Says:

    The ignorant and mind boggling indifférent people of Israel are not much different from Americans, all victims of the intoxication of war, affluence and the mistaken belief of greater security.

    The era of Nazi Germany once again looms now that the availability of the tools of war forever tempt the powers that be. The indifference to the public spending on war and the refusal of the Christian churches to vigorously oppose such blatant inhumanity calls for a real head shake.

    Another great post Ted!
    Wake up Israel!
    Wake up America!
    Wake up you comfortably seated hypocrites in Christian churches!

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