Trump blows it on Israel

Democracy Now reported on Donald Trump’s shocking new choice for ambassador to Israel


President-elect Donald Trump isbeing slammed picking David Friedman to be the next U.S. ambassador to Israel.Trump’s former bankrupty lawyer witth no diplomatic experience has been For years, Friedman s president of American Friends of Beit El Institutions, which has raised millions of dollars to support illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

According to a tax filing, Trump donated $10,000 to the group in 2003.He supports Israel’s Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank and says he doesn’t think it would be illegal for Israel to annex the entire Palestinian territory—despite the fact that it would be blatantly illegal under international law. During the presidential campaign, Friedman also said he opposes a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

Daniel Kurtzer, who served President George W. Bush as ambassador to Israel, said, quote, “[Friedman] has made clear that he will appeal to a small minority of Israeli—and American—extremists, ignoring the majority of Israelis who continue to seek peace. Friedman’s appointment as ambassador runs directly contrary to Mr. Trump’s professed desire to make the ‘ultimate deal’ between Israelis and Palestinians,” he said. The liberal advocacy group J Street said, quote, “This nomination is reckless, putting America’s reputation in the region and credibility around the world at risk.”



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Well nothing shocks me whatsover about this ignorant wealthy tyrant. He has the most right wng racist cabinet, all filthy rich with a certain propensity to conflict of interest charges with their money in so many countries.

    We can only watch the drama unfold. The U.S. is soon to be in the hands of a madman whose only interest in life is personal greed and power.

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Reckless Trump simplifies everything to the lowest chamber of his dull unexercised ignorant mind. Not much advanced from that of the mindless Americans he represents.

    Already following yesterday’s news events in Germany and Turkey within minutes he tweets this is all the work of Islamist militant terrorists.
    Remember that other idiot American president George Bush? “This is a crusade.” Total ignorance.

    If only Trump knew something about history, about the Middle East, about other languages other than English, about values other than real estate and money. This disaster waiting to happen is now here.

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