Pope Francis disses reactionary bishops

On December 22 Pope Francis denounced the resistance he’s encountering in reforming the Vatican bureaucracy, saying some of it is inspired by the devil and that the prelates who work for him must undergo “permanent purification” to serve the Catholic Church better.


Wow, strong albeit metaphorical language.

But dead on.

We have a few high ranking prelates in Canada who really do need “permanent purification.” They are the JP ll -Ratzinger brigade who unsuccessfully tried to stem reform in the church.

One of my favourites is the auxiliary bishop in Ottawa who declared openly that he was not “a Francis bishop” but a JP bishop. Whoopee.
Sadly these men, imposed on the people of God from above, were noted for being Yes men, reactionaries to the Vatican ll agenda. They were simply unwilling to perceive the signs of the times, the insight that baptism trumped holy orders.Lay people by dint of baptism needed to be seriously consulted.

this has never happened. this is why female ordination has not taken place. A scandal which has alienated many Catholics.

The clerics will not listen—even to their own teaching:

The Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) 1998 states this:
Those who exercise episcope in the Body of Christ must not be separated from the ‘symphony’ of the whole people of God in which they have their part to play. They need to be alert to the sensus fidelium, in which they share, if they are to be made aware when something is needed for the well-being and mission of the community, or when some element of the Tradition needs to be received in a fresh way. (#30)

something is needed for sure. as of now the bishops got the words but they ain’t got the music

Francis is playing a new tune but these men appear to be tone deaf. they reuse to dance.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    They’re a disgusting bunch! Too many to count.
    Poor Francis faces enormous challenges with such a large number of sheep avoiding prelates who hide out in million dollar retirement home mansions.

    Did you listen to that great wizard of charming words Fr Roszica calling the play by play midnight Mass in Hamilton for Bishop Crosby?

    Such a man of eloquence -gifted snake charmer giving you a summary of each Bishop or priest, his educational background, listing all the male music and choir directors and their service to the church in all its magnificence.
    Hardly a mention of a single woman all night long. What a male dominated bunch with zero vision and zero comprehension of the reality of today’s church.

    Francis faces enormous challenges on the female issue. And he has no support, past and present.

  2. 2
    Caroline Maloney Says:

    Loved your reflection this day, as always, Ted! Our bishop has said he was in awe of pope Benedict whom he thought was a brilliant theologian; whereas Pope Francis, not so! And when I brought up how Benedict was so anti-woman, just for starters, he just continued to shake his head! So the disapproval of Pope Francis may be more subtle with some bishops, but the rejection of the direction Pope Francis is moving, sure is real! Thanks Ted!

    Caroline Maloney Drumheller, AB

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