The centennial Classic



There I was at the Centennial Classic,outdoors with 2 of my grandsons watching the Wings and the Leafs.1% centigrade,sun shining, 40,000 fans chanting Go Leafs Go.I sit and watch the game.This should be a Leaf win with Green, Abdelkader, Howard and Helm out.

Good time was had by all. A dull game for 2 periods then 7 goals in the last. Leafs win in overtime.
Forget the score, an unimportant event in this vale of tears.

Pro hockey, who cares who wins or loses when there is so much human misery afoot. OK if  that is your livelihood but in the grand scheme of things, a mere bagatelle.

But check the price of the ticket $345.00. You are not seeing things.
Now I did not pony up for this. Let’s just say I know somebody on the inside.
The thrill was with being with Johnny and Dougie and even singing Sweet Caroline with them.

The whole megillah bothered me—the awful many decibel rap music blasted at us, the requisite fly over—am I in the USA?—must be because a “hero” is introduced, not a nurse in the emegency award but a Canadian soldier. Last year to my disgust and I wrote  the president Brendan Shanahan he should know better—they actually rolled a tank up the ice at the ACC.Holy Henry Kissinger!

The stupidity, the politics of  empire and violence  has crossed the 49th parallel.

My mind went back to the early 50s when i would purchase a .50c standing room ducat, race up to the Greens and enjoy the game, usually watched in the Blues after the first period. I actually longed for the day that the old anti-Catholic bigot Connie Snythe started the game at exactly 8:30 PM…and the 48th Highlanders would play.


Get with it Gramps, time has passed you by.


  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Well done brother Ted!
    We have become a full blown member of the American Empire. Not much difference. Throw in Harper for Trudeau and there’d be just the one national anthem.

    There were great Leaf players in that long history and you knew them well- the Baun’s , the Keon’s the many others who made a difference.

    Matthews the latest saviour was quick to commend Martin for sparking the team following his third period fight. And he’s the new soon to be captain. Win at any cost. Long live Harold Ballard. The fox still has charge of the coup. The handlers are still well concealed!

    Great post Ted!

  2. 2
    lcarriere Says:

    Face it, guys. Canada was always a colony of Empire. The blatant militarization of a decent society is pretty much complete now, with these details of the games and sports which serve to fire up the bloodlust of ignorant minions who will forever proudly send their progeny off to war first chance they get.

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