Elor Azaria the self-hating Arab

Azaria, let it be noted, is not the only one who coolly shot a Palestinian, a live, dying or already dead one – he’s just the only one captured on film.
Ron Cahlili Haaretz contributor

Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces from Jan 19,2009 to Nov.30,2016

2704 in Gaza, 322 in the West Bank and 33 Israelis killed in same timwe period,



Sgt. Elor Azaria was convicted on January 3 by a military court in Jaffa of manslaughter for the execution of Abdel Fatah al-Sharif as he lay incapacitated in the street in Hebron last March, and there were immediate calls from Israeli political leaders and the public for the 20-year-old soldier to be pardoned. The story made major news throughout the world.The murder was filmed by a Palestinian human rights activist volunteering for B’tselem the israeli human rights group. Since then he has received hundreds of death threats.

Haaretz applauded the verdict:
This time, the rule of law won, but we must continue to be on guard. If the killing of an already-neutralized terrorist by an IDF soldier were to pass without appropriate punishment, the longstanding IDF ethos of “purity of arms” would finally disappear and the distinction between Israel and the worst of its enemies – countries in which the rule of law doesn’t govern actions – would be blurred. But according to a survey in August by the Israel Democracy Institute, 65 percent of the Jewish public supports Azaria and his claim of self-defence.

In October, Azaria was named man of the year by Israel’s Channel 10 and by Makor Rishon, a publication owned by US billionaire Sheldon Adelson.



If you do not understand the cleft in Israeli politics you are not alone.

Azaria is a sad case, an 18 year old kid, the son of a Morrocan Jew,a  Mirahi. These “black peons” as they are sometimes known by the Ashkenazi elite do the ugly work in the occupied territoeries. The worst hard asses of course are the Russians who have little or no experience of human rights.The Mizrahi (Jews of Arab descent) often are desperate to please the Ashkenazxi or European leadership in Israel, so to fit in they must prove how tough they are. so they turn on fellow Arabs.It is tragic

Ron Cahlili a Haretz contributor lays this out in Jan 5 Haaretz article, summed up:

Elor Azaria isn’t everyone’s child – he’s child of the new Israeli right, and had he come from a good Ashkenazi family, the national debate would have been about the futile occupation and how it criminalized one of our finest.

He further adds:

Besides, as everybody knows, this is the IDF spirit: to despise Arabs, to fear them, to view them as despicable murderers, as people lacking a narrative, whose only motivation is hatred of Jews. The popular term for this is “poisoned,” expressed as a compliment, not an insult.

Now Cahlili like many Haaretz writers has an ironic sense of humour.Witness this:

Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot is right. Elor Azaria isn’t everyone’s child, but he’s definitely the child of some of us. He’s a child of the military units on the ground, in daily friction with Palestinians, not a child of the good guys from the elite 8200 cyberwarfare unit or from the air force, the ones who drop a one-ton bomb on Gaza that kills entire families, while noting only a shudder of a wing tip, all under the auspices of the law and the Israeli mainstream.


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    mushafta Says:

    I love Tony Burman’s analysis! Yesterday’s Toronto Star captures it all!

    Tony Burman
    Welcome back to the 1980s. Three decades after international pressure brought down the racist apartheid regime of South Africa, the extremist government in Israel seems to be daring the world to take them on.
    Sadly, for those who still support the vision of two neighbouring states, Israel and Palestine, living peacefully side-by-side in the Middle East, the battle may soon be joined.
    That was the implied message delivered to Israelis — and to the world — in a landmark speech on Dec. 28 by outgoing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. It was a thoughtful and passionate overview of the history of this conflict, outlining his view about “the only way to ensure Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state.”
    As the Trump administration prepares to take office with its apparent enthusiasm for the extremists who currently rule Israel, there was a historic poignancy about Kerry’s speech. It is likely the last constructive contribution on this issue coming from a U.S. government leader for years to come.
    As Kerry himself pointed out, the right-wing coalition government of Benjamin Netanyahu — whose party, we should never forget, actually received fewer than 25 per cent of the overall vote in the last Israeli election — has operated on a crass but simple principle.
    As it pays lip service to the notion of eventual “peace” with the Palestinians, it builds as many illegal Israeli settlements as possible in the occupied territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, areas captured in the Six-Day War of 1967. They are regarded as new “facts on the ground,” intended to make eventual creation of a viable Palestinian state virtually impossible.
    Central to this strategy is the idea that this should happen quietly, out of sight, in the dead of night. The Israeli government would much prefer the world to focus on Iran, on Syria, or on Islamic terror — anything but what it is doing on Palestinian territory.
    But, as South Africa’s minority white rulers learned in the 1980s, that won’t be so easy.
    There is speculation that the Israeli government will soon seek to annex parts of the occupied territories in its quest of a “Greater Israel.” If this ends the idea of a two-state solution, the emergence of an Israeli apartheid state will inevitably inflame international public opinion

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