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Passover is coming

April 5, 2017

Read the bible…and read the paper.

The same dynamics  are occurring.

Every holy story needs a new interpretation.

In Toronto  for decades we have taken Jesus out of the safe confines of churches and put him in history where he always has been .The crucifixion was a public act—and it is today. On the streets of Toronto we read the story again and find contemporary wounds.


Progressive Jews are doing the same—ashamed of Israel’s brutalization of Palestinians they rethink their Passover story, who is suffering and in bondage,where is Pharaoh today etc. Not hard to find when you look at occupation.

So several Jewish groups are rewriting the Passover Haggadah the book read at the Seder.

To mark 50 years of Occupation, where the new Jews in bondage are Palestinians Save Israel,Stop Occupation has released The Jubilee haggadah.


The biblical jubilee  was the 50th year when all land was returned to the original owners.

A very creative adaptation.

Palestinians are still waiting for the return  of their stolen lands and progressive Jews are challenging Pharaoh aka Netanyahu and  the most rightwing israeli cabinet in history.

Jewish-American comedian Sarah Silverman commented

“It seems natural to link the Jubilee mitzvah with the festival of freedom and to use the story told in the Haggadah to help explain why the occupation must end.”