50 years of occupation. Hurray!

“It doesn’t matter what goyim think, it matters what Jews do.”


Yiddish sometimes has the appropriate word and chutzpah has wormed its delightful way into our common parlance.

It really means beyond the pale, utterly shameless, can you believe such gall? Well, Israel is at it again and the Nazareth blogger Jonathan Cook nails it in his much read blog,

Israel has made a habit of totally ignoring international law, treaties and it must be said, common decency.I mean is a 50 year occupation of another’s land something to crow about? Hardly.

You will notice the phrase “dunam after dunam, goat after goat” is a well known expression meaning,”don’t let the goyim (non-Jews) see what you are doing. Do it slowly so dumb and ill-informed North Americans do not see your gradual theft of Palestinian land.keep it under the radar.Dunam is an Ottoman measure of land, one quarter of an acre.

Once Yitzhak Rabin upbraided the settler movement for parading its brazen theft.To him they were too obvious in their kleptomania. If they grabbed too much land at once Americans, their great backer, would notice the chutzpah.

Cook writes (here abridged) and you can follow him at



Israel is to hold lavish celebrations over the coming weeks to mark the 50th anniversary of what it calls the “liberation of Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights” – or what the rest of us describe as the birth of the occupation.

The centerpiece event will take place in Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem. The West Bank settlement “bloc” enjoys wide support in Israel, not least because it was established long ago by the supposedly left-wing Labour party, now heading the opposition.

The jubilee is a potent reminder that for Israelis, most of whom have never known a time before the occupation, Israel’s rule over the Palestinians seems as irreversible as the laws of nature. But the extravagance of the festivities also underscores the growth over five decades of Israel’s self-assurance as an occupier.

Documents found this month in Israel’s archives reveal that, when Israel captured East Jerusalem in 1967, its first concern was to hoodwink the international community.

The foreign ministry ordered Israel’s ambassadors to mischaracterise its illegal annexation of East Jerusalem as a simple “municipal fusion”. To avoid diplomatic reprisals, Israel claimed it was necessary to ease the provision of essential services to the occupied Palestinian population.

Interestingly, those drafting the order advised that the deception was unlikely to succeed. The United States had already insisted that Israel commit no unilateral moves.

But within months Israel had evicted thousands of Palestinians from the Old City and destroyed their homes. Washington and Europe have been turning a blind eye to such actions ever since.

One of the Zionist movement’s favourite early slogans was: “Dunam after dunam, goat after goat”. The seizure of small areas of territory measured in dunams, the demolition of the odd home, and the gradual destruction of herding animals would slowly drive the Palestinians off most of their land, “liberating” it for Jewish colonisation. If it was done piecemeal, the objections from overseas would remain muffled. It has proved a winning formula.


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