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Israel doesn’t want you to visit if…

May 2, 2017

The only democracy in the Middle East will deny you a visit as an enemy of the state if you fall into the following categories:

Yossi Fatael, chief executive of the Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association, says an estimated 1 million tourist nights are spent in the West Bank city every year. The hotels are cheaper than Jerusalem—but hey, you are giving Palestinians money.

Already progressive Jews with critical opinions are questioning their proposed trip.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs president of the Union for Reform Judaism openly stated:

“I am frustrated that by passing this law, the Israeli government has, in essence, posted a giant sign by the door of the Jewish state saying, “Don’t come unless you agree with everything we’re doing here.”

Come to Israel–but please don’t talk to any Palestinians.

This is already happening with the thousands  of clueless right wing Christians who go gaga over stones, earth, hillsides, lakes—anywhere where Jesus may have walked but never visit where he lives today—in the lives of oppresed human beings, most of whom are Palestinians.