Prophecy and Politics

Prophecy and politics hardly ever intersect. Politicians too often stick their finger in the wind and see which direction it is blowing. Their eyes are hardly ever “on the prize”, peace and justice, but on the next election.and in this game you need to satisfy the deep pockets. The United States today is totally dominated by big money and as Jane Mayer recently wrote “dark money”—hidden from public view.


In North America and in particular professional politicians. are extremely reticent to criticize Israel. In the last election the only one who dared to do this was the Jew, Bernie Sanders. The great “progressive  hope” to defeat Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren is very weak on Israel’s obvious brutalization of the Palestinian people. Hilary Clinton was totally bought off by Haim Saban whose one issue was Israel. Their justifications of course are both pathetic and craven. Politics and prophecy hardly ever intersect.

The great leaders of modern history—like King and Gandhi–were moral avatars who came with a prophetic message and like Jesus paid for their truth-telling.


Canada, of course, is a small country but susceptible to the same corruption and biases.

Take the case of Chrystia Freeland who I think is a fine woman. She also is a passionate Ukrainian-Canadian with a visceral dislike of Putin and Russia. This we can understand. We are all human and come with DNAS and histories.

But what is it with our Liberal politicians and its subservience to Israel? Justin Trudeau is no better than Stephen Harper was in this regard.

Harper IS

Remember the hapless “just visiting” Liberal hopeful Michael Ignatieff crawling to the synagogue to rescind his accurate assessment of the 2014 massacre in Gaza: a war crime.”

Are these people—and you can add Bob Rae in this group- so terrified of the Jewish community’s putative power and influence not to see what the world is seeing in apartheid Israel? it is young Jews like those in Independent Jewish Voices who are carrying the prophetic.


And so a small group of people will exercise their citizenship this Friday on another Liberal politician who is PEO—Progressive except for Palestine.



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    mushafta Says:

    Some mixed signals are coming from the White House today about Trump’s support for Israel.
    He recently met with Palestinian leaders and here’s what today’s New ayork Times is saying:

    “As Mr. Trump embarks on what he vows will be a historic effort to do what no president has done before and make peace between Israelis and Palestinians, he finds himself under pressure from his hard-line pro-Israel supporters. They worry that he and his aides are listening too closely to Arab and Palestinian arguments and diluting what they hoped would be uncompromising support for the current Israeli government.

    They are particularly concerned about the role of one of Mr. Trump’s closest Jewish friends, the New York billionaire Ronald S. Lauder, who is prodding Mr. Trump to forge an alliance with Mr. Abbas. Mr. Lauder is in frequent contact with Mr. Trump’s chief Middle East negotiator, Jason D. Greenblatt, who attended a dinner at Mr. Lauder’s Georgetown home with Mr. Abbas the night before the Palestinian leader went to the White House.

    Mr. Greenblatt got a very different message at an earlier dinner with two other prominent Palestinians, Salam Fayyad and Ziad Asali, and two American Jewish diplomats, Elliott Abrams and Dennis B. Ross. They all told him that a breakthrough was not realistic now, and that Mr. Trump would be better off pursuing incremental advances, like bettering the economic fortunes of the Palestinians.”

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