Weep for Israel—and move on

Let liberal Jews weep for their dream of Israel, and move on — Alice Rothchild

Alice Rothchild, a Jewish Boston physician after many rips to Israel comes back to the USA and describes the resistance to her message from Jews. She begins with the liberal Jews who “really don’t want to believe this.”


“So for many many people, particularly Jews who are very involved in the myth of Israel, coming to terms with this is an emotional heartbreak. They have to give up a dream that they realize they were duped. And so that’s sort of like doing family therapy. I’ve done presentations at temples where people sat around and wept, because they’re confronting the fact that what they had thought was going on wasn’t going on.

That’s a kind of response that you can really work on. Because people are listening and they’re open, and they know you’re bearing witness to what you saw, you didn’t make this up. That’s stuff you can work with, you can help people move on, you can address the pain they’re feeling.
The kind of pushback that’s really hard to deal with is the people who say you’re lying.

She goes on to the Israel messengers who tell her she’s lying. “I absolutely will not rise to the hysteria. I get hit with rage, I get hit with pain, I get hit with fear.”

Then Rothchild says: “Basically I feel like the way the Israeli state functions is really a danger to Jews. Not only to Palestinians but also to Jews. We need to really think about, What does Zionism mean. Was it a good idea? We must look at what happened. That really triggers a lot of people.”


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    mushafta Says:

    What is Zionism?
    What really is it?
    Who the hell cares what it means? Pathetic that our society and politicians in general really don’t give a blessed hoot what is happening in such a place as Lebanon.

    We need Ted’s posts and all the richness of his teachings!

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