Out by 5 years

mand m

I loved his spirit and for 20 years I often wondered what happened to him.He was one of those kids who was outrageous, undisciplined but lovable.

Last i heard (rumour) he was fishing off the coast of South Africa.

Could be. Like Vasco De Gama and Magellan he came from the same sea bound nation.

I first rebutted him that he was foolish to fight a turf battle in Christie Pits against Hispanic kids.

He told me he had to stand up to these spics.
Then I warned him if he didn’t stop he would be dead before he was 30.

I was out by 5 years.

At a school reunion Saturday night John told me exactly where he was— in the third tier at Prospect cemetary.

“How do you know?”

“I put him there.”

“How did he die?”

“An overdose.”

Sad closure for me. He should have been at the reunion.


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