NDP way behind the curve on Israel

The sage of Vancouver Island, Phil Little sent along this disturbing note about the cluenesness of the NDP vis a vis Israel.


It is absolutely astounding, given all we know about this apartheid state that a party putatively dedicated to social justice can not see through the embarrassing hasbara (propaganda) of Israel asiduosly promoted by its diminishing idolators

The previous leader Tom Mulcair was a absolutely tone deaf in this regard and Justin Trudeau is about as craven  as Stephen Harper was when it came to Israel.

As the sun is setting on this settler colonial state are there no Canadian leaders ready to support BDS which is a tried and true nonviolent strategy crafted to bring Israel back into reality. It helped wake South Africa from its moral slumber and can help wake Israel up to its present pariah status on the world stage.

Meanwhile the Zionist thought police, this time B’Nai Brith, two weeks ago viciously attacked NDP Leadership candidate Niki Ashton for speaking at a rally for Palestinian human rights in Montreal

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) has 50 staffers ready to poince on any polyicians who dares to challenge Israel’s false narrative. Most Canadian politicians bend to this pressure.
Signs of hope however abound and one of these signs is the marvelous Independent Jewish Voices which continues to speak out of universal Torah values.



Phil Little sent this warning which the NDP ignores at its own peril:
Are you aware that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) paid for the New Democratic Party’s foreign affairs spokesperson Hélène Laverdière to speak on a panel at its conference last year.  Then months after her AIPAC speech, Laverdière participated in a Jewish National Fund tree-planting ceremony in Jerusalem. During a visit to Israel with Canada’s governor general, Laverdière attended a ceremony with the fund’s world chairman Danny Atar and a number of other top officials.

As you must know, because while you may have chosen silence as your defence I know you are not stupid, there is a so called “Canada Park” not far from Jerusalem, funded by Canadian charitable organizations for which charitable donation status is allowed, and treed with Canadian pine seedlings, for which three Palestinian villages were bulldozed – that is eradicated from history – the inhabitants forced to become more refugees as the Israeli policy is not only to relocate Palestinians but to erase the memory of their existence in the land they have occupied for more than 2000 years.

Canada P

Canada is complicit in the grave injustices inflicted upon the Palestinian people, whose ONLY offense was to live in a land coveted by another group  who have entered this historic land with holocaust in their minds and hearts, and an intent to eliminate the current residents by whatever means.  Of course that was met with resistance, which was met with greater weapon power supplied by European and North American governments and industry.

As the NDP enters into a more critical phase of its leadership race, it is important that the leadership candidates come clear and clean as to where they stand on the rights of Palestinians –  those inside occupied Israel and the millions who are waiting for their right to return to their ancestral land.

This is a matter of fundamental justice which cannot escape the NDP campaign.  As a long time member of the NDP and a supporter of “New Democrats for Fairness and Transparency”, I strongly urge you to get off the pot and to stand on the side of justice.  There will never be peace in the Middle East if there is not a change in the status quo in Israel and Palestine.  A two state solution has been made almost impossible by the building of settlements in the occupied areas, but until all citizens are accorded equal status and full rights in the state, Israel will remain a pariah nation and will eventually collapse because it cannot sustain a reality built on a false and manipulative myth which even the Jewish community is finding more difficult to support.

Be assured that this will be a question at all all-candidates meet and greet forums.

Phil Little
Ladysmith BC


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    mushafta Says:

    Chris Hedges nails it once again in his latest post on listening to the poets and the prophets. Ted Schmidt falls decisively into the latter category incessantly pounding away like a stubborn woodpecker on the Palestinian cause. Keep at her Ted and thank you again for all that you do!

    Hedges: “the painter Enrique Martinez Celaya said in an essay. “They also share urgency. Prophets are not inclined to wait for the right time. Their prophetic vision demands action, leaving little room for calculation and diplomacy. Truth, for the prophets, is not merely a belief but a moral imperative that compels them to speak and act with little regard for convenience or gains. But prophets need to do more than speaking and acting, and it is not enough to be apocalyptic. Something must be brought forward.” 
    All despotisms, including our own, make war on culture. They seek to manipulate or erase historical memory. This assault on memory, Martinez Celaya said, is “philosophical violence.” It leaves us with a “sense of being a stranger, displaced, a sense of having no way to check where one comes from because something has been cut and removed.”

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