50 years later

Amazing what you can learn in 50 years.

The past week is the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War when Israel wiped out the Egyptian air force and began its disastrous occupation of Palestinian land.

At that time I lived within the emotional cocoon of the Jewish neighbourhood and in my journal i cheered on the destruction of the Egyptian air force and was happy that “that bastard Nasser got his.”

Wow what learning in the next 50 years transpired.

That war was over so fast that my many Jewish friends never got the opportunity to go and fight. They were ready as the existential fear, always promoted by the Zionists was was promoted. another holocaust is about to take place.

Much like the vaunted War Of Independence Israel was never in trouble but it always played the hand of the poor underdog, the perennial victim, in this case of Arab hatred
Guy Laron senior lecturer of International Relations at Hebrew U in Jerusalem recently laid out the well known truth of June 1967:

The “bogus” storyline has been challenged by none other than Yitzchak Rabin. In 1968, Rabin, the Chief of Staff during the June 1967 War, told a French journalist that: “The two divisions that [Gamal Abd al-]Nasser [the Egyptian President]  sent to Sinai on May 14 [1967], would not have been enough to unleash an offensive against Israel. He knew it and we knew it.”
Ezer Weitzman, who served as Rabin’s deputy in 1967, told a newspaper that “there was never a danger of extermination.”

Likewise, Mati Peled, the head of logistics at the time of the war, penned an article in 1972 in which he maintained that the claim that Israel was under existential threat in 1967 was “a bluff born and developed only after the war.” Years later, a member of the 1967 cabinet, Menachem Begin argued that “the Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches do not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.”

50 years later the world is tired of Israel flaunting UN resolutions, ignoring international law and illegally occupying another people.

Our great prophet Martin Luther King Jr. consistently quoted Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle’s insistence that “No lie can live forever.”



The fundamental lie of Zionism’s ultimate goal that it wanted the whole of Palestine has been laid bare. Chaim Weizmann always insisted that the “Commonwealth” promised by the 1917 Balfour statement never meant a state was laughable even then, “patently disingenuous” as California congressman Julius Kahn wrote to President Wilson on March 4,1919
And so it has gone, lie after lie.

David Ben-Gurion a week after the 67 war got it right:
Better get rid of the territories and their Arab population as soon as possible. If not Israel would soon become an Apartheid State…





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    mushafta Says:

    You continue to open our eyes and our understanding Ted. We have generations out there tototally consumed by everything but the truth of what is happening politically at home and abroad. How our politicians love ignorant masses. Of course, they would have us believe we are the privileged educated and the rest are ignorant.

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