Shonda is back!

Here we are now 50 years after the beginning of occupation  on June 5, 2017 protesting in front of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) where well-heeled Jewish Torontonians paid from $1000 to $5,000 to The Jerusalem Foundation of Canada to join the Mayor of Jerusalem to celebrate 50 years of military occupation of the Palestinian Territory of East Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights.


The evening is not without humour. The attendees are bummed out as they have to walk the fenced-off gauntlet of those vigilling. You can almost see smoke singing the kippahs of  many as they glare at the assemblage raining on their parade.

50 toronto

Then one of the longtime “Jews of Conscience” yells out the ultimate Yiddish put down: Shonda! I chuckle and try to explain it to a few people. The best I can come up with is this figurative translation: Shame on you, foolish ones, ermbarrassing Jewry in front of the goyim (Non-Jews).This is a scandal. Yiddish, music to my ears!

Then that Sunday  pick up the NY Times Magazine and there’s this article on Jared Kusgner Trump’s son–m-law as a slum lamdlord. The article  sent one jewish woman into orbit

Shoda is back!

How can Jared Kushner live with himself? As an observant Jew, he should be practicing tikkun olam, acts of kindness to perfect and repair the world. But he (through his legal and management agents) fails to repair his low-income rental properties, forcing his tenants to live with mold, leaks and vermin. When they move out, he hounds them for purported back payments. It’s a shonda, a shame, on Kushner for inflicting so much tsoris on people struggling to get by. I urge him to live up to the ideals of our faith.

Ellen Sweet, New York



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    mushafta Says:

    Great stuff Ted!
    Kushner- what a joke!

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