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Canada Day: Indigenous reminder

July 2, 2017


Wow, despite the rain, so many happy celebrations.

Then the indigenous show up to remind us of our “original sin”—colonialism, theft of land etc. They have the neerve to rain on canada’s parade. Bravo! we still have milkes to go.

Many hand wringing articles by politicos like Bob Rae’s in today’s Star.


The countries that always vote with israel at the UN—South Africa, Australia and Canada.


What do they all have in common?


You got it: they all made war on the indigenous inhabitants.


In 1900 in the small Jewish colony in Palestine a few pious Jews in the Yishuv lived next to the overwhelming majority of Palestinians. That 3%  with massive Russian Zionists  now in control then began to steal the rest of the land in an “incremental genocide” (Pappé).They almost succeeded.


Two things stopped them. The “sumud” of the original inhabitants,the steadfast refusal of the Palestinians to leave.


Not content witover half of the land in 1948, israel in 1967 began to steal and illegally build on Palestinian land.


What shamed them was the computer, the technological recolutions of smart phones, Facebook.The lies wrere  laid barren.


Now the rrst of the world sees.


Happy Canada day, craven politicians…connect the dots.


War on the indigenous, there’s your key.


When you enter those  refugee camps where Palestinians have been penned for decades, you see another key. It is omnipresent.


They all have the  keys to homes that were stolen.