Israel Labour-more of the same

We all know that the Labour party of Israel is as corrupt and blind as whatever the right wing throws up— be it Herut, Likud, Kadima et. The latter 3 were always demonized by the putative peace camp and whatever progressives called themselves, but history shows Labour was no different—ever. Yitzhak Rabin memorialized after his 1994 assassination as “the liberal hope for Israel” was an ardent expeller as a general, a bone breaker in the intifada and a back turner when Likud began its enthusiastic theft of Palestinian land. He once upbraided Begin for crowing about his settlement promotion, saying we do the same thing but we are more sneaky about it—to fool the dumb Americans that we really are the party of peace.


Now Labour is about to choose a new leader.

Here’s Gideon Levy:


The primaries of a social-democrat opposition party were conducted without one principled word about the crimes of this government, about electricity supplies to Gaza, executions at checkpoints, the human rights group Breaking the Silence, the repeated political detention of Khalida Jarrar, a Palestinian member of parliament. How dare they ask for the trust of party members without referring to these topics? Does anyone know what they really think about these issues? Is the Peretz of 2017, the courageous dove and the leader of the Second Lebanon War and its crimes, more a man of peace than Gabbay is?


Maybe the opposite is true? Does anyone care? Is it too much to expect the candidates to utter some clear words, such as promising to fight for the renewal of electricity to Gaza? They should tell the truth: The occupation is not temporary and was never intended to be such; that building settlements was and is a crime; that administrative detainees should be released; that negotiations should be held with Hamas and not just over the return of bodies. It’s all wishful thinking.


Levy sighs as he ends his latest article:

Labor is the curse of the left, the blockage in the sewer pipe, without the removal of which there will be no true left wing here.




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