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A US senator wakes up

August 4, 2017

New York has always been the epicentre of Jewish power in the USA.

It has been de rigeur of any NY politico to go on bended knee to whatever the deep Zionist pockets demanded.
Ever was it thus.

Trafically Bobby Kennedy’s life was shortened by an angry Palestinian for his blinded fealty to Israel.

Hilary Clinton later on and with more information available to her continued to support the obvious oppression of the Palestinians and the ignoring of international law by Israel. She was utterly hopeless on this issue.



On Aug 11, 2015 Gideon Levy wrote of her:

Hillary Clinton’s election as U.S. president would ensure Israel’s continued decline and degeneration. And so she is not a friend, but an enemy. She must not be allowed to deceive and present herself as a friend of Israel, as she tried so ingratiatingly to do in an article published in The Forward (“How I would reaffirm unbreakable bond with Israel — and Benjamin Netanyahu”) last week. But she and those like her – false friends of Israel – have been one of the curses on this country for years. Because of them, Israel can continue to act as wildly as it likes, thumbing its nose at the world and paying no price. Because of them, it can destroy itself unhindered.
Americans believe “Israel is more than a country – it’s a dream,” she states. Most of the world calls it a nightmare, yet Clinton says a dream. What dream exactly? The dream of tyrannical control over another people? Racism? Nationalism? The killing of women and children in Gaza?

Governor Andrew Cuomo is no better nor is Chuck Scumer, All are as Levy says,enemies of Israel.

it appears one NY senator has awakened after the ACLU went after her for her unconscionable support of the IIsrael Anti-Bycott act


WASHINGTON –  A Democratic senator from New York officially withdrew her support from the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” after civil rights groups criticized the legislation for having a “chilling effect” on free speech. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was one of the bill’s original co-sponsors, and her withdrawal could lead other Democratic senators and members of Congress to take a similar step. A number of Democrats have already announced in the last two weeks that they are re-examining their support for the controversial bill, which is supported by the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC.


Gillibrand addressed the issue at a town hall in New York earlier this week, in which she was asked about it by a number of constituents. Gillibrand said in response that she “would never support any bill that chills free speech.” Gillibrand added that after meeting representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union and hearing why they feel the bill “chills free speech,” she will “urge the authors of the bill to change the bill and will not support it in its current form.” On Wednesday, she went forward with that promise by withdrawing her name from the list of the bill’s co-sponsors, despite the fact that she is known to be a strong opponent of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.


Gillibrand could renew her support for the bill if it were to be re-written in a way that doesn’t leave room for legal ambiguity.  Gillibrand’s decision was welcomed by the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, an organization which supports BDS and have been working to create pressure on Democratic politicians to retract their support for the bill. “It’s exceedingly rare for members of Congress to withdraw their sponsorship of bills, especially on this issue,” the organization’s policy director, Josh Ruebner, said in a statement on Wednesday. “We thank Senator Gillibrand for listening to her constituents’ concerns about this bill and removing her sponsorship after realizing the draconian nature of the penalties it would impose on individuals exercising their First Amendment right to engage in boycotts in support of Palestinian human rights.