Israel’s drumbeat of lies


SUT JHALLY professor of communication at the University of Massachusetts produced he Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States.

We focus on the public relations campaign in the United States to essentially confuse the American public about what was going on, so there will be no pressure coming from the public on this. And in that sense, you know—and we say this in the film—the occupation of Palestine also depends upon an occupation of American public opinion, that unless the American government is aboard with this and acts as a protector of Israel, then that occupation is not possible.

Israel can saturate the media with its spokespeople, but there’s still the problem of massive Palestinian casualties showing up on television screens. You can’t make those images go away. An Israeli official actually said, “In the war of pictures, we lose. So you need to correct, explain or balance it in other ways.”


Dr Frank Luntz,was commissioned in 2009 to write The Israel Project, with offices in the US and Israel, for use by those “who are on the front lines of fighting the media war for Israel”.  The Project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary, was leaked to Newsweek Online.


Luntz deals with sound bites repeated over and over and picked up by clueless talking heads who read the news on US outlets. Most people are easily persuaded by this drumbeat of lies.



Now the Israeli liars have their work cut out trying to explain the massive disproportionate killing in this “conflict” (read one-sided turkey shoot). Most of the Palestinian victims are civilians while so few Israelis (less than 5) are killed by the Hamas “fireworks.”


Even with this tsunami of BS, young American Jews raised in a climate of human rights began to desert Israel.


One of this Report’s favourite advice to Israelis :always express empathy for the innocent victims..

Here are a few of the stomach-turning examples of crocodile tears

DAN GILLERMAN: Unfortunately, innocents do get hurt. And we—we really grieve that.

PRIME MINISTER BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: We’re sad for every civilian casualty.

MICHAEL OREN: The entire situation is tragic.

SUT JHALLY: Once you’ve done that, Luntz says, you also have to get people to empathize with Israelis, by describing what life is like for them living in constant fear of Hamas rocket attacks. So, again and again, we hear the focus-tested phrase that the rockets are raining down on Israel.


More on the rockets next time.




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