Rising Star: Garrow pt 3


Barack was going off to law school. Many going away parties were organized in his last week in Chicago pre Harvard.
At one party Obama was asked what he would be doing: writing a book and then “I’m going to be the mayor of Chicago.”

While he was out of town a dinner was announced to honour Frank Lumpkin for his extraordinary work in winning recompense for the Wisconsin Steelworkers tossed out of work beginning in 1980.
Lumpkin was a dedicated communist and the proceeds would benefit the Communist Party USA newspaper The People’s Daily World.
This never stopped or inhibited radical priest Monsignor Leo Mahon from writing in the banquet’s program: “best wishes to a man who fights for justice.”


Garrow writes,”Maybe Foster Millhouse and the other right-wing zealots had been right all along,that social justice Catholicism and grassroots communism were indeed one and the same.”


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