Rising Star pt 4


As Obama entered Harvard law students of all races were unhappy with the institution’s culture.
One alumnus described it as “a miserable experience.”Myriad complaints surfaced about the professors.as well the growing culture of individualism and greed seemed to be having its way.
One wrote in a memoir that 70% of his classmates arrived with an expressed interest in public interest law yet only 6 actually accepted legal services jobs.
In the mid 80s a young sociologist Robert Granfield questioned score of students about “the complex ideological process that systematically channels students away from socially oriented work.”

Elite positions and resources seemed to be the way to social progress.


Grads deluded themselves into thinking that they survived with their altruism intact while actually having been co-opted into joining large corporate law firms..the institution was tremendously co-optive.


Michelle Robinson,Obamas wife-to-be was critical of the Harvard culture but in the end joined a corporate firm underlining the problem of paying for the high cost of a Harvard education.


This too was Granfield’s conclusion student debt too often caused students to “provide service to the corporate elite.”


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