SportsWorld pt 2

I taught 2 well known sports writers and told each of them that they needed to read Robert Lipsyte and Dave Zirin, two brave journalist who refused to “god up” athletes (a phrase of iconic sportswriter Stanley Woodward) or make a religion out of sport. I could have added Lester Rodney, the white sports writer of the Communist paper the Daily Worker who was fearless in writing about the convergence of sport and injustice. Rodney was particularly incensed about the colour bar in baseball which Jackie Robinson broke.

These three are shining examples of penetrating scribes who refused to become idolators of those athletes who inhabited SportsWorld.



Now the feces has hit the fan in the USA over those who kneel and those who don’t, athletes who latterly joined the very brave Colin Kaepernick who could no longer stomach the ongoing murders of black people in the USA.


Interesting concept “kneeling”, once only used in liturgical settings. Today these settings are pro sports, the new temples of worship, athletes the new high priests and those who challenge this illness—i guess they are atheists.
It has cost Kaepernick his livelihood as a football player just as it cost the brave John Carlos and Tommy Smith who raised their fists in defiance at the 1968 Olympics; just as it cost Mohammed Ali 5 of his best years for his refusal to fight in Vietnam.

Take note they were all black.

70% of the NFL players are black, the same ones Trump called “sons of bitches.”


Who would have guessed that sport might be the venue for serious reflection on the state of democracy?


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