10:30 mass in Read,Ontario


They ‘re all over eastern Ontario
our poor famine Erin relatives
“indigent Irish” on the ship’s manifest
and both sides of the family.
That’s us: who do we think we are indeed?
We walk the Mick graveyards
Erinsville, Centreville and now Read
Catholics here since 1854
What were the odds that our decidedly urban Toronto family
Had mother and father relatives here in Read?
Did Mary O’Brien know Joanna Wringe?
We’ll never know.
Tired of the graveyard I wander into 10:30 mass.
The aging priest now has 3 parishes to tend
He does his best with Matthew’s wild gospel of the wedding feast and the raging host
However he misses  badly.”It’s abbout the KINGDOM, padre!
The church like most of these  parishes are right-to-life obsessives
The only issue it seems.
The  building  is musty, baroque and uninviting
The parish is spread out this morning
I walk to communion hemmed in  by stained glass windows bearing  those Irish names Ryan,Walsh, Shannon, Egan Lacy, Gandon, Hart
And here am I on this October morn very happy to be home among them.



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