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AIPAC still calls the tune

February 27, 2018

In recent years, some Americans have come to look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the lens of human rights—and this is especially true for younger Americans, African Americans and Hispanic Americans. You have to be deaf,dumb and blind not to see the horrific oppression visited daily on Palestinians, the extraordinary asymmetry of power at work here .Despite this huge gap, social media has fiprovided absolute proof of




Israeli violence. Its propaganda has run out of steam.
Israel’s government the most rightwing in history is peopled with racists who would be laughed off the stage in any Canadian or american parliament.This makes them sensitive to the hardships faced by Palestinian civilians, and to certain Israeli practices, like housing demolitions. These groups form a larger proportion of the voting public than they have in the past, and a growing proportion of the Democratic Party’s core constituency.


Minister of Just Us

This is the voice of the street. Phil Weiss points out that AIPAC still has a grip on both political parties, more so of course with Republicans.
New York’s pols are hopelessly pro-Israel, craven politicians like Cuomo, deBlasio, Schumer all in Israel’s back pocket in the most Jewish state in America. There is not a prophetic gene among these lifers.



Israel firster Schumer
Weiss writes
The purpose of AIPAC is to maintain US establishment support for Israel, and these centrist-liberals are serving that purpose (and surely helping their careers) by taking the podium for Israel.They are sewing together both parties at a time when Israel support is fragmenting among progressives/leftwingers. The AIPAC speakers’ list makes clear that it’s working: the establishment is still pro-Israel, and support for Israel is a necessary credential for entry into the establishment. No wonder my liberal Congressman says he’s with Israel till death doth them part. The progressive base is not able to call him to account, yet. He is like Dems, PEP Progressive except for Israel

As no one is calling Wittes and Shipman and Kurtzer for speaking alongside Ayelet Shaked, who has posted racist screeds comparing Palestinian children to snakes, or Dror Ben-Yemini, who has said that a Jewish “sickness” explains young American Jews’ sympathy for Palestinians.

Yet some folks are calling AIPAC to account. Jewish Voice for Peace actively opposes AIPAC and points out its rightwing agenda in an email today:


What has always made AIPAC so effective is their ability to repackage an ultra-conservative vision as bipartisan unity. Just like the NRA, they have perfected the art of presenting their own narrow agenda as in line with the interests and values of the American people— even though it’s anything but.


[Trump and Netanyahu’s] dangerous views will be on full display next month, when Netanyahu will address the AIPAC conference and hold a meeting with Trump.
They’ll heap blame on the Palestinians, ignore [Palestinian President Mahmoud] Abbas’ proposal, and neither endorse a two-state solution nor present a viable alternative to it. Against the wishes and interests of the majority of Israelis and pro-Israel Americans, they’ll do whatever they can to prevent progress towards a viable peace.

In fact, I don’t think AIPAC is practicing any deception on these liberal politicians. It is forthrightly always on Israel’s side; and liberal Democrats need the pro-Israel credential to get political funding and access. If you support BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), you instantly make yourself radioactive inside the establishment. Those are the rules.

Meantime, none of these same Democrats would have anything to do with the NRA. They can oppose that agenda; and the media can talk about NRA boycotts and United and Delta Air Lines can dissociate themselves from the gun lobby. And AIPAC smells like a rose. Being pro-Israel is still the only game in town for liberal establishment funding.


We need a new creed

February 26, 2018

Massimo Faggioli writes:


One wonders if, under the surface of unity, Catholicism in America is not fragmenting in a way that parallels the divisions in contemporary Judaism. There is a Traditionalist Catholicism (corresponding in some ways to Orthodox Judaism), which celebrates the Mass in Latin and treats the development of doctrine as having ended at some point between John Henry Newman and Pius XII.

Then there is a kind of ressourcement Catholicism (corresponding roughly to Conservative Judaism), which is rooted in the theology of Vatican II, with its understanding of tradition as dynamic.

And, finally, there is a Progressive Catholicism (corresponding to Reform Judaism), for which the tradition is mostly a relic of the past and Vatican II is just a springboard for future developments.
50 years ago the United Church wrote a new creed.


Catholics are so far behind in this regard. We have been radically inattrentive in our understanding of the creator God, the New Story as proposed by Thomas Berry, David Toolan, Ilia Dileo, Matt Fox, Elizabeth Johnson, Sally McFague et al.

The New Story of the universe is a biospiritual story as well as a galactic story and an Earth story. . . . Each particular being in the universe is needed by the entire universe. With this understanding of our profound kinship with all life, we can establish the basis for a flourishing Earth community. —Thomas Berry (1914-2009)




During the last several decades, a new story has indeed emerged, a new cosmology that brings matters of science and matters of faith into a space where they no longer need collide, but can complement each other and render a fuller picture of what is true. —Judy Cannato

Let’s have a new creed like this:


We are not alone,
we live in God’s world.
We believe in God:
who has created and is creating,
who has come in Jesus,
the Word made flesh,
to reconcile and make new,
who works in us and others
by the Spirit.
We trust in God.
We are called to be the Church:
to celebrate God’s presence,
to live with respect in Creation,
to love and serve others,
to seek justice and resist evil,
to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen,
our judge and our hope.
In life, in death, in life beyond death,
God is with us.
We are not alone.
Thanks be to God.

It’s Official: Israel apartheid

February 25, 2018

Now here’s a real justice minister for you.




Ayelet Shaked, the Israeli justice minister  has done it again: On Monday February 12 She has spelled out Israeli Apartheid in unequivocal terms, and tied it directly to Zionism:
“There is place to maintain a Jewish majority even at the price of violation of rights.”
Shaked was speaking about Israel’s “Nation State of the Jewish People” bill, and made it clear that equality was essentially anathema to the “Jewish State”:

On the coalition’s intent to keep the word “equality” out of the nation-state bill, Shaked said that

“Israel is a Jewish state. It isn’t a state of all its nations. That is, equal rights to all citizens but not equal national rights.”

Shaked said the word “equality” was very general and the court could take it “very far,” adding that “There are places where the character of the State of Israel as a Jewish state must be maintained and this sometimes comes at the expense of equality.”


Quite a shocking statement for a mimister of the crown. Shaked would have been fired in  canada for  some of her other breathless quotes:


She is thus echoing what she said half a year ago – that “Zionism should not – and I’m saying here that it will not – continue to bow its head to a system of individual rights interpreted in a universal manner”.


No that would mean Judaism not Zionism.
Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy had then thanked Shaked for telling the truth:
“Thus Shaked believes, as do so many around the world, that Israel is built on foundations of injustice and therefore must be defended from the hostile talk of justice. How else can the repulsion to discussing rights be explained? Individual rights are important, she said, but not when they are disconnected from ‘the Zionist challenges.’ Right again: The Zionist challenges indeed stand in contradiction to human rights…”
And he concluded:

Zionism is Israel’s fundamentalist religion, and as in any religion, its denial is prohibited. In Israel, ‘non-Zionist’ or ‘anti-Zionist’ aren’t insults, they are social expulsion orders. There’s nothing like it in any free society. But now that Shaked has exposed Zionism, put her hand to the flame and admitted the truth, we can finally think about Zionism more freely. We can admit that the Jews’ right to a state contradicted the Palestinians’ right to their land, and that righteous Zionism gave birth to a terrible national wrong that has never been righted; that there are ways to resolve and atone for this contradiction, but the Zionist Israelis won’t agree to them.”

Marco Rubio and Friends

February 22, 2018


CNN hosted a town hall last night with students and parents’ victims of  American blindness, gun violence.The students were invariably articulate, seeing through the intellectually bankrupt arguments for among other things, easy access to assault weapons.

Then there was the hack from the NRA a former right wing talk show host and Breitbart editor Dana Loesch who kept blathering on about “the crazy shooter.”Last year Loesch made a fool of herself when she pillories progressives for”“their media to assassinate real news.” NRA members members needed to confront “this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth”.

Britain’s Guardian wrote:

The cover of her popular 2014 book, Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America, shows her holding a rifle while wearing extremely tall heels. apparently Loesch is a Christian with a tattoo on her right arm a call for Christians to ” Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes (Ephesians 6:10). God of course was a member of the NRA.


Then there is the hapless Marco Rubio who refused to stop making money from the NRA.


Already he is in hock for $3.3 million. a truly great American leader.



Corruption on a Massive Scale

February 21, 2018


Netanyahu-corruption-charges-Israel-MondoweissJonathan Ofir is one of those Israelis who had enough of Zionist theft and corruption and so like so many others he shlepped off to another country—Denmark


In this edited article (Mondoweiss) below he makes the important point about not being sidetracked about a person’s particular moral failings. He takes issue with Tom Segev’s new biography (not yet released) of Ben-Gurion.


With new access to files Segev discovered the great leader was an adulterer of massive proportions and as we see below, Segev does ask the question that if the leader isn’t faithful to his wife, maybe he’s not faithful to his voters, either. If he cheats on her, maybe he cheats on them, too.”


To Segev, Ben-Gurion compared to Netanyahu was a knight in shining armour. Abstemious in his personal habits. he was not corrupt.

This is too much for thoughtful people like Ofir and Gideon Levy.

Ben-Gurion like many Zionists despite eschewing cigars and champagne (Netanyahu) was “corrupt on a grand national scale.”

Ofir writes:

Indeed, as the title suggests, the novel aspect of this new book appears to be the new discoveries about Ben-Gurion’s sex life – where he had four mistresses, and where one of them was a steady sexual relationship lasting 40 years from 1926.

Segev responds to the question of where the boundary runs between cheap gossip and material of historical value, and why he interested himself in Ben-Gurion’s sex life: “The first answer is the standard one – that if the leader isn’t faithful to his wife, maybe he’s not faithful to his voters, either. If he cheats on her, maybe he cheats on them, too,” he says.

“But all in all, Segev appears to believe that Ben-Gurion was definitely not corrupt – supposedly because he didn’t smoke cigars or drink champagne, even though he had systematic extra-marital affairs and even though he didn’t pay for his books and house.
Alright, let’s pause there.
We know that smoking cigars and drinking champagne are not crimes in themselves. It is always about something other than the appearance. It does not matter if Netanyahu did not ever cheat on his wife. Still, he could be corrupt by other means. The champagne and cigars don’t corrupt him per se. It’s about a bigger picture, that can have many appearances.

Now, was Ben-Gurion really a “man of integrity”?


When I was about 15, I had attended a lecture by the legendary professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz. Leibowitz is the one who coined the term ‘Judeo-Nazis’, and was hailed as “one of the greatest figures in the life of the Jewish people and the State of Israel in recent generations” by Former President Ezer Weizman, who added that he was “a spiritual conscience for many in Israel.” Leibowitz said something at that lecture which I never forgot. It was one short sentence:

Ben-Gurion was a man of many virtues. Truth was not one of them”.
At the point, I was ignorant of the details of Ben Gurion’s deceptions. Nonetheless, Leibowitz’s sentence was etched in my consciousness, perhaps due to the shock effect of having this heroic persona (Ben-Gurion) simply being called a liar. It was only many years later, that I began to learn about the details of Ben Gurion’s corruption on the grand national scale.

In 1937, Ben-Gurion wrote to his son Amos how acceptance of Partition (it was the Peel Commission partition plan) was not an end but a beginning:
“My assumption (which is why I am a fervent proponent of a state, even though it is now linked to partition) is that a Jewish state on only part of the land is not the end but the beginning. When we acquire one thousand or 10,000 dunams, we feel elated. It does not hurt our feelings that by this acquisition we are not in possession of the whole land. This is because this increase in possession is of consequence not only in itself, but because through it we increase our strength, and every increase in strength helps in the possession of the land as a whole. The establishment of a state, even if only on a portion of the land, is the maximal reinforcement of our strength at the present time and a powerful boost to our historical endeavors to liberate the entire country.”

In other words, Ben-Gurion knew fully well, that any acceptance of a partial territory is not committing. It’s just a means of getting some legitimacy, from which to grow power and with which to eventually “liberate the entire country”.

But as Ben-Gurion wrote to his son above, “this increase in possession is of consequence not only in itself, but because through it we increase our strength, and every increase in strength helps in the possession of the land as a whole”. And then came 1967, and the task was territorially completed.


All these things are colonialist conspiracies which are corrupt in their very essence. In fact, Israel’s second Prime Minister Moshe Sharett had noted this aspect clearly:
“I have learned that the state of Israel cannot be ruled in our generation without deceit and adventurism. These are historical facts that cannot be altered”, he said.
So even according to Sharett, Ben Gurion had to be a deceitful leader.
Now, has this essentially changed much? I would say not. The deceit that Zionism applies in order to cover up for its colonialist designs to erase Palestine is a constant factor, and the goal is always corrupt. It’s even genocidal in its very essence. Author and journalist Ben Ehrenriech:
“The question about genocide– yes, it’s an incremental genocide. And I think that’s a word that gives a lot of people pause and it certainly should. We don’t see the absolutely mass slaughters, although in Gaza I think we’ve seen something very much like it that we usually associate with genocide. But– the attempts to erase a people, to just erase them, to erase their history, I think follow a logic that can only be called genocidal.”
Grand scale horror

So what is the place of corruption at the level of bribery, extra-marital affairs, unpaid bills, cigars and champagne measured against that grand-scale horror? Indeed, the bigger picture brings these things into perspective.

This is why Netanyahu’s personal corruptions, measured against the grand scale, are somewhat irrelevant to Palestinians. And it’s not like there’s hope ahead, even if he does resign. Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy wrote last week that “we may miss Netanyahu yet”, listing the options, and focusing particularly on the ‘centrist liberal’ Yair Lapid, whom I call ‘the pretty face of ultranationalism’ – the man with the motto “maximum Jews on maximum land with maximum security and with minimum Palestinians”. Levy says about Netanyahu that “his heirs may steer clear of cigars and champagne, but none of them can fix Israel’s great corruption – the institutionalized state corruption arising from 50 years of occupation”.


I think Levy is being too generous, too mild, even too apologetic. That corruption goes back way further than 50 years.


Personally, I have generally refrained from going into detail of Netanyahu’s personal corruptions in all my writings so far. I have instinctively felt, that doing so contained the danger of distracting from the greater national corruption. This is also why I haven’t gone into detail here. I’m not saying Netanyahu’s personal corruption or Ben-Gurion’s personal corruption are irrelevant. But if you really think about the Palestinians, they have been nationally raped by Zionism from the start. You can’t do that and still be a “man [or woman] of integrity”.




Jonathan Ofir is an Israeli musician, conductor and blogger / writer based in Denmark.


The Obscene American Budget

February 20, 2018


Budgets of course are moral documents and the US budget is obscene and immoral.
Budgets reflect the priorities of a country and America’s is beyond the pale, a hymn to violence and fear, a robbery from the common good of citizen support and needed infrastructure. Imagine gutting health to feed the already too wealthy. People are left in the dust.
The gross irony is that this is the most church going country in the world—with a deformed and broken type of Christianity in the lead and in need of conversion.


The tireless religious leader Jim Wallis said it best outside the US Capitol
Jesus said: “I was hungry and you gave me food.” Cutting Meals on Wheels, SNAP, and WIC to pay for more tanks is a moral choice. Cutting essential humanitarian foreign aid to a famine-and conflict-riven world to build more weapons … is also a moral choice.


“Jesus said I was sick, and you visited me.” Cutting, rationing, and ultimately ending Medicaid as a health guarantee for our poorest and sickest people is a moral choice.


“Jesus said, I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.” Demonizing our immigrants and refugees and planning to build a wall against them — that more cuts to the poor will be used to pay for — is a moral choice.


“Jesus said, I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink.” Cutting environmental protections, which leads to massive droughts all over the world, is a moral choice.
“Jesus said, I was in prison, and you visited me.” Mass incarceration based on race that disenfranchises men and women of color is a moral choice.

Marco Rubio with thoughts and prayers

February 18, 2018


The great French novelist Jean Giono when asked why he rejected Christianity replied I do not want to be one of those people who walk across a battlefield with flowers in their hands.”


Meet Marco Rubio, Florida senator, professional Catholic and NRA stooge who fits the description to a T.


When one thinks of Rubio the Shakespearian line leaps out,”ambition should be made of sterner stuff.”
Rubio it turns out is a “professional Catholic.”He bounced as a son of Cuban emigres from Catholicism to Mormons to a Southern Baptist megachurch and now back to the Catholic tribe.And always in hock to the NRA whee he gets an A plus rating to go along with the $3 million he’s taken from this powerful lobby group.
Now after the latest mass murder in his home state Rubio, flowers clasped close to his chest has offered his thoughts and prayers and as always his resistance to any form of gun control.



Three cheers for a great Catholic, Marco Rubio,  the senator with a fresh batch of flowers walking across school grounds littered by seventeen new bodies.

Will Canada Make up for Its Sad Anti-Palestinian History?

February 16, 2018


By Yves Engler

The anti-Palestinian consensus among Canada’s three main political parties is crumbling and NDP members could bury it this weekend.


After taking an all-expense paid trip to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s conference in Washington and participating in a Jewish National Fund event in Israel 14 months ago, the NDP’s foreign critic has begun challenging Canada’s contribution to Palestinian dispossession.

Hélène Laverdière has repeatedly criticized the Trudeau government’s silence on Donald Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. In response she tweeted, “a devastating day for those who believe in peace, justice and security in the Middle East. Where is Canada’s voice in protest of Trump’s decision on #Jerusalem? I urge Canada to condemn this decision in the strongest of terms.”


The party’s foreign critic also asked the federal government to condemn Israel’s detention of 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi and hundreds of other Palestinian children who are usually tortured by Israeli forces.



Similarly, Laverdière has pressed Ottawa to properly label products from illegal Israeli settlements and submitted a petitionto Parliament calling “upon the Government of Canada to demand that Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.”


Two weeks ago I received an email on behalf of party leader Jagmeet Singh titled “all people deserve the same human rights”, which listed the party’s recent support for Palestinian rights. It noted,


“the NDP shares your concerns about Palestine. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and his team of New Democrats have a consistent record of defending Palestinian rights as well as raising concerns over Islamophobia.”


A series of factors are likely driving Laverdière’s shift. She probably never backed former NDP leader Tom – “I am an ardent supporter of Israel in all situations and in all circumstances” – Mulcair’s position. Additionally, last year’s NDP leadership race unleashed ever bolder expressions of support for the Palestinian cause.

Amidst the campaign, Laverdière was criticized for speaking at AIPAC’s 2016 conference in Washington and participating in an event put on by the explicitly racist Jewish National Fund. In August the NDP Socialist Caucus called for her resignation as foreign critic and it has submitted a motion to this weekend’s convention calling for her to be removed from that position.



Ottawa’s high-profile abstention at the UN General Assembly after Donald Trump announced that he would move the US Embassy to Jerusalem has given the NDP an opportunity to distinguish itself from the Trudeau government. And media coverage of subsequent Palestinian resistance, most notably Ahed Tamimi’s courageous slaps, has provided additional opportunities to highlight the Liberal’s extreme anti-Palestinianism.


The NDP leadership is also trying to head off members calls to boycott Israel (according to a 2017 Ekos poll, 84% of NDP members were open to sanctioning Israel). At least five resolutions (among more than ten concerning Palestine/Israel) submitted to the convention call for some type of boycott of Israel.


The NDP Socialist Caucus has called on the party to “actively campaign” in support of the (just nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize) Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement’s demands. With probably more backing than any of the 100+ resolutions submitted, 30 riding associations/youth committees endorsed “Palestine Resolution”, which calls for “banning settlement products from Canadian markets, and using other forms of diplomatic and economic pressure to end the occupation.” Of course party leaders fear the media response to any type of boycott resolution being adopted.


Whatever the reason for Laverdière’s shift away from anti-Palestinianism, it remains insufficient. As I’ve detailed, the NDP continues to provide various forms of support to Israel and the party has an odious anti-Palestinian history. In the mid-1970s the party opposed Palestinian Liberation Organization participation in two UN conferences in Toronto and Vancouver and party leader Ed Broadbent called the PLO “terrorists and murderers whose aim is the destruction of the state of Israel.”


That year NDP icon Tommy Douglas also told the Histadrut labor federation: “The main enmity against Israel is that she has been an affront to those nations who do not treat their people and their workers as well as Israel has treated hers.” (Douglas’ 1975 speech was made while Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and Sinai, after it repeatedly invaded its neighbors and ethnically cleansed 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland.)


A progressive party worth its salt campaigns on an international issue in equal measure to its government/society’s contribution to that injustice. Over the past century Canada has played no small part in Palestinians dispossession. Hundreds of Canadians provided military force to realize the crassly anti-Palestinian Balfour Declaration and this country’s diplomats played a central role in the UN’s decision to give the Zionist movement most of Palestine in 1947.


Today, Ottawa regularly votes against Palestinian rights at the UN and subsidizes dozens of charities that channel tens of millions of dollars to projects supporting Israel’s powerful military, racist institutions and illegal settlements.



Additionally, Canada’s two-decade-old free trade agreement with Israel allows settlement products to enter Canada duty-free and over the past decade Ottawa has delivered over $100 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority in an explicit bid to advance Israel’s interests by building a security apparatus to protect the corrupt Palestinian Authority from popular disgust over its compliance in the face of ongoing Israeli settlement building.


Hopefully, in the years to come the NDP can help Canada make up for its sad anti-Palestinian history. Perhaps this weekend the party will finally bury official Canada’s anti-Palestinian consensus.

I will be speaking about “What’s Wrong with NDP Foreign Policy?” on the sidelines of the convention.


– Yves Engler is the author of Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid and a number of other books.. He contributed this article to Visit his website:

An Object of Reverence

February 15, 2018


After the horrendous mass murder in Sandy Hook,Connecticut Gary Wills wrote this on Dec. 15, 2012 in the NY Review of Books.
We used to think DENIAL was a river in Africa now we know it’s bizarro world south of the 49th parallel.

And the beat goes on

Few crimes are more harshly forbidden in the Old Testament than sacrifice to the god Moloch (for which see Leviticus 18.21, 20.1-5). The sacrifice referred to was of living children consumed in the fires of offering to Moloch. Ever since then, worship of Moloch has been the sign of a deeply degraded culture. Ancient Romans justified the destruction of Carthage by noting that children were sacrificed to Moloch there. Milton represented Moloch as the first pagan god who joined Satan’s war on humankind:

First Moloch, horrid king, besmear’d with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents’ tears,
Though for the noise of Drums and Timbrels loud
Their children’s cries unheard, that pass’d through fire 
To his grim idol. (Paradise Lost 1.392-96)
Read again those lines, with recent images seared into our brains—“besmeared with blood” and “parents’ tears.” They give the real meaning of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday morning. That horror cannot be blamed just on one unhinged person. It was the sacrifice we as a culture made, and continually make, to our demonic god. We guarantee that crazed man after crazed man will have a flood of killing power readily supplied him. We have to make that offering, out of devotion to our Moloch, our god. The gun is our Moloch. We sacrifice children to him daily—sometimes, as at Sandy Hook, by directly throwing them into the fire-hose of bullets from our protected private killing machines, sometimes by blighting our children’s lives by the death of a parent, a schoolmate, a teacher, a protector. Sometimes this is done by mass killings (eight this year), sometimes by private offerings to the god (thousands this year).
The gun is not a mere tool, a bit of technology, a political issue, a point of debate. It is an object of reverence. Devotion to it precludes interruption with the sacrifices it entails. Like most gods, it does what it will, and cannot be questioned. Its acolytes think it is capable only of good things. It guarantees life and safety and freedom. It even guarantees law. Law grows from it. Then how can law question it?


Its power to do good is matched by its incapacity to do anything wrong. It cannot kill. Thwarting the god is what kills. If it seems to kill, that is only because the god’s bottomless appetite for death has not been adequately fed. The answer to problems caused by guns is more guns, millions of guns, guns everywhere, carried openly, carried secretly, in bars, in churches, in offices, in government buildings. Only the lack of guns can be a curse, not their beneficent omnipresence.

Adoration of Moloch permeates the country, imposing a hushed silence as he works his will. One cannot question his rites, even as the blood is gushing through the idol’s teeth. The White House spokesman invokes the silence of traditional in religious ceremony. “It is not the time” to question Moloch. No time is right for showing disrespect for Moloch.
The fact that the gun is a reverenced god can be seen in its manifold and apparently resistless powers. How do we worship it? Let us count the ways:


1. It has the power to destroy the reasoning process. It forbids making logical connections. We are required to deny that there is any connection between the fact that we have the greatest number of guns in private hands and the greatest number of deaths from them. Denial on this scale always comes from or is protected by religious fundamentalism. Thus do we deny global warming, or evolution, or biblical errancy. Reason is helpless before such abject faith.

2. It has the power to turn all our politicians as a class into invertebrate and mute attendants at the shrine. None dare suggest that Moloch can in any way be reined in without being denounced by the pope of this religion, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre, as trying to destroy Moloch, to take away all guns. They whimper and say they never entertained such heresy. Many flourish their guns while campaigning, or boast that they have themselves hunted “varmints.” Better that the children die or their lives be blasted than that a politician should risk an election against the dread sentence of NRA excommunication.

3. It has the power to distort our constitutional thinking. It says that the right to “bear arms,” a military term, gives anyone, anywhere in our country, the power to mow down civilians with military weapons. Even the Supreme Court has been cowed, reversing its own long history of recognizing that the Second Amendment applied to militias. Now the court feels bound to guarantee that any every madman can indulge his “religion” of slaughter. Moloch brooks no dissent, even from the highest court in the land.


Though LaPierre is the pope of this religion, its most successful Peter the Hermit, preaching the crusade for Moloch, was Charlton Heston, a symbol of the Americanism of loving guns. I have often thought that we should raise a statue of Heston at each of the many sites of multiple murders around our land. We would soon have armies of statues, whole droves of Heston acolytes standing sentry at the shrines of Moloch dotting the landscape. Molochism is the one religion that can never be separated from the state. The state itself bows down to Moloch, and protects the sacrifices made to him. So let us celebrate the falling bodies and rising statues as a demonstration of our fealty, our bondage, to the great god Gun.


Steve Miller, amnesiac

February 14, 2018

Bradley Burston is a Haaretz columnist and Senior Editor of which publishes his blog, “A Special Place in Hell.”Burston is an American Jew now living in Israel. he is part of a great resurgence of “Jews with a Conscience” who are appalled at the amnesia which comes with power and affluence.


Miller the DACA-killer: Trump Aide a Disgrace to Jews, and to Our Common Roots

Stephen Millers family came from my dads village, in Belarus. Immigration is why Steve and I are both alive; now its his job to help kill the program protecting young immigrants to the U.S.

I take the killing of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program very personally. And one of its killers, as well.

Stephen Miller is my lantsman (Yiddish for countryman).. His people come from my dads hometown, the shtetl of Antopol, in what is today Belarus.

As President Donald Trumps senior advisor for policy, he is by far the most famous person descended from the villagers of Antopol.

He’s also a disgrace.



As the presidents point man on immigration, its his job to help kill the DACA program and jeopardize the future of 800,000 so-called Dreamers, who were brought to America as children, Americans in every sense but citizenship.
I cant help but take this personally. Immigration is why Steve and I are both alive.

Helping to kill DACA and curb immigration are why Steve is a disgrace to the memory of that town, to the memory of what the Nazis did there to the people who couldnt escape and immigrate to the United States.


Because once upon a time, before World War II, a Republican president and a Republican Senate and a Republican House of Representatives made a law that choked off immigration. One of their main targets was the immigration of Jews from Eastern Europe, from places like Antopol.


My dad and his family were among the lucky ones. They got out in time. So were Stephen Millers great-grandparents, the Glotzers. They were part of the immigrant wave that anti-Semites called steerage slime.


If they hadnt gotten out, they would have been rounded up when the Nazis came. They would have been taken to the woods, told to take off their clothes and to bring soap and a towel for the washing stations they were told were at the end of the path through the tree


It took the SS four days to shoot to death all of Antopols 2,300 Jews.In his devoted service to Trump, if Steve has proved one thing, over and over, its that hes a disgrace to the Jews.


Here is the communications expert who haughtily, and in front of millions of viewers, on live television, belittled and misrepresented as not actually part of the original Statue of Liberty the American-Jewish poet Emma Lazarus revered The New Colossus, words that have welcomed millions of immigrants to America.




Here is the man who was not only a principal architect of the Muslim travel ban, aimed at barring entry to the United States on the basis of a non-Christian religion, but who also publicly and stridently questioned the principle of courts to even have a say on decisions made by the president.


But these and a clutch of other words and actions all take a back seat to the fundamental malevolence of Steves latest masterwork, in concert with the president he serves as no other.


Their response to the Nazis who raged in Charlottesville, Virginia and to the horrific flooding that overwhelmed Houston, was Okay — quick, lets change the subject.
Lets change it to immigration.


Lets show the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan and the militiamen just how intentionally cruel we can get. Lets kill the Dreamers program.


But heres the irony: Steve couldnt be the one to make the announcement.   It had to be someone to whom even the KKK would listen.


Because after all these years, even after serving under Michele Bachmann and Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon, after all of his gun-nut, Christmas-adoring, racially tinged Republican ultraconservatism, Steves still not a real American. Hes still just an heir to unwanted Jews from Eastern Europe.


When you need to feed the base, bench the Jew.


Send in a real American. Someone like Steve’s old boss, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, born in then-segregated Selma, Alabama, the third in his direct line to be named for Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, and for the confederate general who led the attack that launched the Civil War.


Real Americans all. Not like my lantsman Steve. And after all hes done.