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The death toll in Gaza is rising

May 14, 2018

Today is unfolding as a horrifying and tragic day in Palestine. The Israeli military has opened fire on Gaza protesters as the U.S. and Israeli governments prepare to mark the move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Today has been the deadliest day in Gaza since the end of Operation Protective Edge in 2014.


filess from JVP and MondoweissGA 140518_MJ_00-55-580x372


According to the Gaza Ministry of Health (as of 14:30 GMT):
◦ 43 killed, including 5 minors and 1 paramedic
◦ 1,960 injured – including 200 minors, 11 journalists
◦ 28 in critical condition and 71 in serious condition
◦ 918 shot by Israeli soldiers using live Israeli ammunition.

Meanwhile the US Embassy officially opened in Jerusalem: a cynical, dangerous celebration of annexation.
This is the Nakba (“catastrophe”) happening before our very eyes. All of it – the Embassy move; the very fact that 2 million people in Gaza, mostly refugees, live in essentially unlivable conditions; the sniper attacks on unarmed demonstrators and journalists.
It’s not just a 70th year anniversary: Palestinian human rights are being trampled at this very moment. Palestinians are being killed for defending those rights, as we speak.
It took a visiting New York Times reporter from Cairo to finally tell some truths about Israel’s ongoing massacre of Palestinian demonstrators inside Gaza. Meanwhile, the paper’s Israel correspondents continue to distort and whitewash.


PI Whitewash


Declan Walsh came over from Egypt into Gaza ahead of today’s massive demonstrations, expecting “an uneventful evening” on Saturday. Instead, distant Israeli snipers, “barely visible in their fortified perches,” opened fire at a group of Palestinian women right in front of him, and then shot again, hitting one of them, Alaa Asawafiri, in the stomach. Her brother told Walsh: “She wasn’t holding a stone. So what’s the excuse for shooting her?” Walsh checked with the Israeli army mouthpiece, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus: “In a text message he said he could not find any trace of the shooting.”


Multiply Declan Walsh’s eyewitness account by 42 and you have the death toll so far today, with another astounding 2,000 wounded. Once again, not a single Israeli has suffered as much as a scratch.


Let our government know that this  is totally unacceptable