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Here comes HAMAS! pt 1

May 25, 2018

People often wonder why Israelis in a supposed democratic state tolerate such cruel behaviour and for so long against the original indigenous of Palestine.


Israel as Haaretz writer Gideon Levy has so often said is the most brainwashed country in the world, fed a steady diet of lies by spin masters in Israel and apologist tribalists in the diaspora. Here’s Dan Futterman the Program Director for Israel for the Moriah Fund, with some hard questions for you. Excerpted from Haaretz


Here’s what we see on Israeli news: tens of thousands of Palestinians milling about, burning tires to create a thick, black spiraling smokescreen to obscure the view of our soldiers, including the snipers.

Among the Gazans trying to breach the fence we are told there are armed terrorist cells with missions to kidnap soldiers or blow up Israelis, which suggests that live fire is justified.

So we think we know that the protest is violent, coordinated, and meant to lead to a dangerous large-scale incursion into Israel. And we become amateur tacticians, justifiers and apologists, quickly agreeing that the fence must not be breached at any price, as if we know what we’re talking about.

We are also told that Hamas needs martyrs, and does not mind getting Palestinians killed, or even wants more dead Palestinians, because this provides effective imagery, and dovetails with the stories we tell ourselves about their use of suicide attackers.




The latest “get out of jail card” used in Israel is HAMAS —now that anti-Semitism ( “You hate Israel because it’s Jewish”) and the holocaust (Jews suffered grievously under Nazism and as former Israeli PM said “after the holocaust Jews can do anything,” no longer work. Just mention this Palestinian resistance movement crammed into Gaza with no army, navy, air force and the argument is over. It is as if HAMAS is the equivalent to the Wehrmacht. As Bill Murray often said on SNl, “I have to laugh.”It is always HAMAS—even supposedly intelligent people use this ridiculous justification for massacre after massacre




Gazans wanted peace they would not have elected Hamas, or would have overthrown them by now – has become a self-serving mantra, more deeply embedded from one war to the next… We slough off any responsibility for the misery of Gazans, including the deaths of the last six weeks.


Bravo Dan Futterman


Out of exhaustion, complicity or alienation, we increasingly defer to the endless spin of our arrogant leaders. We’ve stopped asking ethical questions about our responsibility for the death and despair in Gaza