Jake returns to Israel

Jake Javenshir left Israel for Canada 48 years ago (1970), after serving in the army and working for a few years. Israel according to him had not yet developed the brutality it evidences today. Most thought that the Occupied Territories would be returned. Nobody saw the advent of radical settlers.



While living in Canada and reading in depth he realized he had been fed massive doses of Kool aid which Israelis still swallow.


He writes:
Instead of rational discussion, a few slogans are always thrown at any one who is not a supporter. Holocaust, anti- semitism, Jew haters,  self hating Jews etc. The most ironic one that often thrown at me and others is: You idiot, learn something before you open your mouth, you know nothing.

SELF hating

As an example of my family, almost all are Zionists with the exception of one brother. It’s due to propaganda, cover ups, not knowing much about the truth, being selfish as life is good for them, the ideology that it’s us against the world and it’s generally much easier to go along than against.


Jake references Ilan Pappé s The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine as a key book in his understanding of what happened in Palestine in 1947 and 1948. Sadly Pappé left Israel due to threats to him and his family. He now teaches in Exeter University in UK.

In June of this year Jake returned to Israel for 10 days,
and this is his report:

My sister and two brothers kept asking for me. They with their children and grand children live in the central area of Israel, in a few thriving towns and cities, where 50 to a 100 years ago either were not there or were simple villages.


As one lands in the huge and modern airport and drives out, one can feel and see the riches overall—from roads, boulevards,  villas, high rise buildings, shops and malls, (including country clubs).Many villas and condos are priced over a million dollars.
An extreme example, units in a new high rise building in Tel-Aviv are priced for the equivalent of between seven to twenty million Canadian dollars. Of course this is not the same in all areas of the country, but it is reflective of the overall situation and how prosperous the country is.


Needless to say that this is not the same in the Israeli Palestinian towns, I visited Acre and the Palestinian part of Nazareth, where neglect is visible.


The general atmosphere among the Jewish Israelis, is one of living the high life. The dominant “occupation” is: which country next to travel to, which new foods and restaurants to eat and visit. These are talked and discussed among the people, in newspapers and T.V. more than any where else that I know. As far as I know, Israelis are the highest travelers per capita in the world.




All the above is the result of hundreds of billions of dollars given in time by the world, including  all the support of the economy in hundreds of ways. These in time resulted in building and development and establishing a robust economy, especially in High tech, agriculture and weapons manufacturing.


Not to forget that the occupation also adds billions to the general economy. This is done by exploiting the resources and agricultural products of the Golan Heights and the West Bank by supplying the Palestinians in West Bank most of their daily needs at inflated prices. also by developing new weapons and experimenting their effectiveness on the Palestinians and than selling to countries all over the world. (Something else to keep in mind that if Israel stopped the occupation and did peace with the Palestinians, most likely there will be a decrease in the billions which pour in, since “national security and imminent danger”, won’t be one the top fund raisers. A few reasons why Israel has no incentive to do peace).




In regard to West Bank and Gaza, (as the veteran Israeli journalist Gideon Levy says), Israelis do not know what’s going on and really don’t care. The atmosphere is one of living the high life, while by propaganda and brain washing, they feel being victimized. Basically what most Israelis know about the past and what’s happening, is very limited. The new generations know next to nothing about the past.


I noticed that much of what’s happening in the occupied territories is just not reported to the public and what is reported, in most cases is distorted or outright lies. One night on T.V. a reporter near Gaza was reporting on the situation. He repeatedly mentioned Hamas and said that thousands were damaging the fence and throwing bombs on Israel all the while the picture on the background showed Gazans in a field just standing around.


In discussion with my sister and brother I mentioned a few recent laws or atrocities or house demolitions, which they knew very little about. Another comment: Which army in the world is acting so humanly as the Israeli army.? This was in regard to Ahed Tamimi).


I noticed that coverage and explanations of the situation are totally distorted. Very noticeable is “Nationalism”, it is everywhere. Flags everywhere. Talks re pride is everywhere.


Groups of young Jews from around the world are everywhere. (coming for 2 weeks, all paid for. Part of brain washing).


Also religion is on the rise steadily, more seculars are being born again. Entitlement is rampant. Extremism is rampant. Nationalism is rampant.




Jake can often be seen in front of Chapters reminding passers by that the owners Schwartz and Reisman fund the Heseg program in israel. any foreigner who signs up with the Israeli Defense Force will be supported by the powrr couple.


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