Fleeing US generated terror in Central America

First in 1823 we had the Monroe Doctrine, the arrogant policy of President James Monroe which told Europe to get the get away from of American lake—Central and South America bounded by 2 oceans. Then we had FDR’s 1935 response to the the dictadura Somoza 1 in Nicaragua.The State Dept told him he was a son of a bitch, “Yes, but he’s ours” said the liberal FDR.


Then the Truman Doctrine, of 1948 telling the commies to stay away from the western hemisphere or you will pay a price.The price then was paid in 1954 in Guatemala when the CIA deposed the democratically elected Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz and installed the military dictatorship of Carlos Castillo Armas. The USA was just getting started imposing authoritarian rulers in Central America. It is a sordid history.


Then the gloves were off under the simpleton Reagan in 1980s. He funded the Contras convinced that they were “freedom fighters” who would bring down “communist” insurrections in Central America. His point man running this destabilization from Honduras was the US ambassador John Negroponte who later became the US rep at the UN, a pliant servant of the empire.


The salient fact was Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua were tired of the US supporting thugs who would keep the populace down, break unions and allow cheap goods to flow north to the USA.They had a legitimate reason to revolt.

Finally 2 scribes who read history brought this home last wekend in the Star,the first being Rick Salutin
What’s particularly poignant is that the kids and their parents aren’t just fleeing to the U.S., they’re fleeing from the results of U.S. policies in violence-drenched countries like Guatemala (where U.S. complicity extends to a CIA-backed coup in 1954); El Salvador, where the U.S. was behind a gory civil war in the 1980s; and Honduras currently, where the U.S. supported a 2009 military coup against a democratic election, and has meddled forever. At the same time neo-liberal U.S. policies at home have created a constituency ready to blame Latino immigrants for the lives and jobs they’ve lost.

On Saturday Tony Burman made the same point:


Trump would emphasize that there certainly is a crisis of violence within Central America — fostered by dishonest governments and police forces. But much of that culture of corruption, he would concede, has received the tacit approval of the U.S. government and military, and flows from the legacy of America’s sordid history in the region.


Of course, most Americans are amnesiac about their history and easily fall prey to the BS emanating from the liar in the White House.



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    mushafta Says:

    Unconscionable what the Americans are doing. You have to wonder what his next move is.

    I remember so well the Regan years. Communism was the dirty word of the day. Then it was terrorists. Now it’s migrants all created by the same country worshipping greed and avarice.

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