American Jew banned from Israel


On June 30 Jewish American peace activist Ariel Gold was deported from “the only democracy in the Middle East” by the immigration authorities at Ben Gurion airport even though she had a visa for studies at the Hebrew University, issued by the Israeli Consulate in New York.


it seems Ms.Gold is guilty of the heinous crime of supporting BDS, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, the very nonviolent tactic which helped bring down another apartheid regime, South Africa




Interior Minister Minister of Interior Aryeh Deri revoked her visa, saying: “I am again using my authority to prevent the entry into Israel of a woman who came to act against Israel and call for its boycott.

Here’s a digression worth reading.


Ironies abound here. Deri is a Moroccan Jew who emigrated to Israel and quickly discovered the way to power was to ditch his Arabic background and prove his bona fides to his Ashkenazi masters.This is well known in Israel. Deri one might say is a”self-hating Arab.” He made it!


Yehouda Shenhav, an Israeli of Iraqi origin, in other words a Mizrachi states it well

I re-invented myself as Israeli rather than Arab. The more you distance yourself from Arabness, the more chance you have of integrating into Israeli society.


The most famous Moroccan in Israel a few years ago was the cowardly 20 year old soldier Elor Azaria who murdered a disabled Palestinian in cold blood in Hebron. His only problem—he was caught on camera. Otherwise he’d go scott free. Azaria is part of the “army of the periphery” non Ashkenazi Jews who do the dirty work of the occupation—the check points, night raids and patrols in hell holes like Hebron.




Aryeh Deri now does the dirty state work with a pen.Shame on him.


Back to the Palestinian city in the West Bank, 220,000 Palestinians and about 800 crazed settlers who run amok protected by brainwashed kids like Azaria.



When American jews visit this den of racist oppression, they suddenly see the nature of Israel.


A year ago Ms Gold was violently accosted by a settler woman,Anat Cohen. As usual the soldiers watched with amusement.Where was she from. Gold spells out her Jewish background and answers that she’s from New York and this simpleton soldier “Why are you going against the Jews?” The kid is out of his league as Ariel answers: “I am going with the Jews, I’m going with human rights and Jewish values, these are my Jewish values”.


“To protect killers??” another soldier asks. “To protect our souls, to be on the right side of history”, Gold answers.


No, you gotta “stand with the Jews.”


They kicked Gold out of the Jewish section of Hebron and put her on the Palestinian bus into Jerusalem where she met with Rabbis for Human Rights

Now Ariel Gold would have none of this. After rebutting the soldiers she took the mad settler woman to court and got a restraining order. Israel is always sensitive to American Jews who need to be treated with kid gloves.  After all the United states of Amnesia is funding the occupation.The mad settler and the dopey soldiers made Israel look bad. The soldiers were even prevented from visiting Cohen’s coffee shop!



Gold says,” And they were told to not repeat such a thing [refuse to protect an American Jew.”


And so Ariel Gold after being abused at the airport was sent packing.

Her final comment *as quoted on Mondoweiss;

I cant do course work at Hebrew University or visit any of my friends in Palestine, or support work on the ground taking place in Palestine for freedom and equality. I feel the sense of isolation, and a sense of strangling upon activists in Palestine.

Thhat’s the real purpose of banning me in. Having the ban of the 20 organizations, it’s to isolate a movement and separate and divide, just like Israel does, separating  Palestinians in the West Bank from Palestinians inside of 1948 [Israel ‘proper’],

Welcome to Israel!

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