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This man is a cabinet minister!

June 29, 2018

Can you imagine such a man as a cabinet minister in Canada? Read on and see how far Israel has fallen.



Evet Lieberman was a nightclub bouncer from Moldova who came to Israel when he was 20 as part of the Russian exodus to Israel, most with a tenuous connection to Judaism .Like most Russians who arrived with little experience of democracy,Lieberman joined the Likud party and sensing the lay of the land, adopted the more Hebraic sounding name Avigdor. This was the standard practice of Russian leaders all of whom changed their names so they would appear indigenous to the Middle East.Peres,(Perski) Shamir,(Yezernitzky) Netanyahu,(Milikovsky) Rabin(Rubitzov)—all Russians or Eastern European.


In 1999 Israel in his view was not sufficiently anti-Arab so he founded Yisrael Beitenu (Our Home is Israel). Using his extreme rightwing Russian base,Lieberman shockingly
served as Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2009 to 2012, and again from 2013 to 2015. Presently he is the Defense Minister




This appointment should have stunned real democrats but today most of the Knesset 75 0f 110 seats were far right ideologues, driving Israel into an anti-democratic abyss, veering on fascism.


Tel Aviv University‘s world renowned psychologist’ Akiva Eldar’s description of Jewish Israeli attitudes perfectly fit the racist Lieberman


Their consciounsess is characterized by by a sense of victimization a siege mentality, blind patriotism, belligerence, self-righteousness, dehumanization of the Palestinians and insensitivity to their suffering.



David Grossman Israel’s premier novelist called him “a political pyromaniac” and as Max Blumenthal wrote most of the Ashkenazi elite saw him as a proto-fascist thug.

Welcome to Israel today..

When Lieberman was named Defense Minister, Gideon Levy wrote:

The offer has no legitimacy because Lieberman has no legitimacy, even if he was elected democratically. For the first time in Israeli history, fascism is a clear and possibly present danger…

Do we need reminders about who this is? His proposal to blow up the Aswan Dam. His saying that Egypt’s then-President Hosni Mubarak could “go to hell.” His inflammatory theory that Palestinian terror is part of global jihad. The man who called members of Breaking the Silence “mercenaries who sold their soul to Satan.” Who called activists in Yesh Gvul “kapos” and said Arab MKs should be tried as in Nuremberg. Need we mention his incitement? Then there is his recent declaration that Elor Azaria, who shot dead an incapicated Palestinian assailant, is a hero. Need we mention that his party is corrupt to the core,


If Lieberman will be Lieberman, we will miss Benjamin Netanyahu. If Lieberman will be Lieberman, the territories will burn like they’ve never burned before.


University academics sign open letter urging Trudeau to condemn Israeli violence against Gazans

June 26, 2018


About 300 university academics from around the country have signed an open letter calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to keep his word and ensure there is an independent investigation into the Israeli army’s use of force against Palestinians in Gaza.

Two Liberal MPs – Robert-Falcon Ouellette and Marwan Tabbara – hand-delivered the letter to Trudeau on Wednesday. It bears a multitude of signatures from Canadian university professors and denounces the violence at the border between Israel and Gaza.
The letter says that since protests began at the border on March 30, Israeli snipers have killed 119 people and wounded thousands more.


“How many Palestinians need to die or be maimed for life before we wake up and take action against what is now being condemned by a number of international aid and human rights organizations as blatant violations of international law constituting war crimes?” the letter asks.


The signatories urge the prime minister to stand by statements he made in May, when he called for an independent investigation to examine what happened at the border, including any incitement, violence and excessive use of force.


On May 14, a Canadian doctor tending to wounded Palestinians at the border was shot by an Israeli sniper – an incident Trudeau called appalling.

“We are appalled that Dr. Tarek Loubani, a Canadian citizen, is among the wounded – along with so many unarmed people, including civilians, members of the media, first responders, and children,” read Trudeau’s statement on May 16.
“We are doing everything we can to assist Dr. Loubani and his family,” Trudeau’s statement continued, “and to determine how a Canadian citizen came to be injured. We are engaging with Israeli officials to get to the bottom of these events.”
The open letter to Trudeau was written by Hani Faris, a political science professor at the University of British Columbia, as well as Atif Kubursi, an economics professor at McMaster University in Hamilton.

“In your statement of May 16,” the letter concludes, “Mr. Prime Minister, you described the ‘use of excessive force and live ammunition as inexcusable’ and called for ‘an immediate independent investigation.’ We urge you, Mr. Prime Minister, to stand by your statement.”

Arnon Soffer, the Arab Counter

June 16, 2018


Let us meet “the Arab Counter” the Haifa University demographer who became infamous in a Jerusalem Post article in 2004. Soffer had no patience with the idea that the policy of “hafrada”, that dirty word to democrats  of “segregation” would be enough to ensure Israel’s future.


Hafrada is what we see in American cities—the blacks generally shoved into a less developed part of the city. his would be “apartheid” the Afrikaans word or “separate.” Instead of calling them bantustans, we call them ghettoes. Those people are different, not like us.They can easily be demonized, almost like “the “untermenschen’ (subhuman) of of Nazi ideology.This a racist doctrine and it is virulent in Israel where Palestinians are really “the Other.”


More and more people can not get their heads around the recent callous massacre of nonviolent protesters the Palestinian Gazans called the Great March of Return…116 people shot dead,143,000 wounded, 332  with life threatening injuries. Just another day at the races for Israel.




The message was simple: get it out of your head that you will ever get your stolen land back or that you will ever return. Every few years Israel “mows the lawn”,pulverizing innocent people in an orgy of mass murder.Ye t the Palestinians refuse to be cowed. They insist with international law on their side that they We have a right to go home.This is non-negotiable. Israel says, backed by the autistic USA, think again.


Enter the Arab counter, Mr Soffer.


In his 2006 book One Country Ali Abunimah  described Soffer’s vision

Then deputy prime minister Ehud] Olmert called the unilateral solution Israel’s “great hope,” but Arnon Soffer … offered a less optimistic prognosis. “Unilateral separation doesn’t guarantee ‘peace,’” he warned, “it guarantees a Jewish-Zionist state with an overwhelming majority of Jews.” What will be the price of this achievement? The “day after unilateral separation,” Soffer said, “the Palestinians will bombard us with artillery fire – and we will have to retaliate.
But at least the war will be at the fence – not in the kindergartens of Tel Aviv and Haifa.” Soffer was unambiguous about Israel’s response: “We will tell the Palestinians that if a single missile is fired over the fence, we will fire ten in response. And women and children will be killed and houses will be destroyed.” Further down the line, “when 2.5 million people live in a closed off Gaza,” Soffer predicted, “it’s going to be a human catastrophe. Those people will be even bigger animals than they are today, with the aid of an insane fundamentalist Islam. The pressure at the border will be awful. It’s going to be a terrible war. So, if we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day.”




There you have it…the incremental genocide which Ilan Pappé insists is Israel’ plan

Knesset Foils Efforts to End Israeli Apartheid

June 13, 2018

One of the most insightful commentators in Israel is Jonathan Cook, the voice from Nazareth, the very city that Jesus the man from Nazareth came from and whose promotion of the “malkuta” (Jesus spoke Aramaic) heralded the end of occupation and oppression.

This is as good an analysis that you will find…and never in our major dailies still fearful of Zionist backlash.



For most of the seven decades after its establishment, Israel went to extraordinary lengths to craft an image of itself as a “light unto the nations”.


It claimed to have “made the desert bloom” by planting forests over the razed houses of 750,000 Palestinians it exiled in 1948. Soldiers in the “most moral army in the world” reputedly cried as they were compelled to shoot Palestinian “infiltrators” trying to return home. And all this occurred in what Israelis claimed was the Middle East’s “only democracy”.

An industry known as hasbara – a euphemism for propaganda – recruited Jews in Israel and abroad to a campaign to persuade the world that the Palestinians’ dispossession was for the good of mankind. Israel’s achievements in science, agriculture and medicine were extolled.


But in a more interconnected world, that propaganda campaign is swiftly unravelling. Phone cameras now record “moral” soldiers executing unarmed Palestinians in Gaza or beating up children in Hebron.




The backlash, including a growing international boycott movement, has driven Israel’s right wing into even greater defiance and self-righteousness. It no longer conceals its goal to aggressively realise a longed-for “Greater Israel”.

A parallel process is overtaking Israel’s traditional left but has been far less noticed. It too is stubbornly committed to its ideological legacy – the creation of a supposed “Jewish and democratic state” after 1948.




Israel includes a large minority of 1.8 million Palestinian citizens, the remnants of those who survived the expulsions required for its creation. Although Palestinian citizens have the vote, it was an easy generosity after Israel gerrymandered the electoral constituency in 1948 to ensure Palestinians remained a permanent and decisive minority.


MAY 15

In a system of residential apartheid, Palestinian citizens have been confined to ghettos on a tiny fraction of land while Israel has “nationalised” 93 per cent of its territory for Jews around the world.


But after decades of repression, including an initial 20 years living under military rule, the Palestinian minority has gradually grown more confident in highlighting Israel’s political deficiencies. In recent days, Palestinian legislators have submitted three legislative measures before parliament to explode the illusion that Israel is a western-style liberal democracy.


None stood the faintest chance of being passed in a system rigged to keep Palestinian lawmakers out of any of Israel’s complex but entirely Zionist coalition governments.



The first measure sought to revoke the quasi-governmental status of major international Zionist organisations like the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and the Jewish Agency.


Although they are treated like state bodies, these organisations are obligated through their charters to discriminate in allocating state resources and rights to Jews around the world rather than to Israelis. The aim is to exclude Palestinian citizens from major state benefits. The JNF bans access for non-Jews to most land in Israel and develops new communities exclusively for Jews, while the Jewish Agency restricts immigration and associated perks to Jews alone. The bill – designed to end decades of explicit discrimination against one fifth of Israel’s citizenry – was defeated when all the Jewish parties voted against it. ..


The third measure was a bill demanding that Israel be reformed from a Jewish state into a state of all its citizens, representing all equally. In a highly irregular move, a committee dominated by Jewish legislators voted to disqualify the bill last week from even being tabled, denying it any chance of a hearing on the parliament floor.


The parliament’s legal adviser, Eyal Yinon, warned that the measure would alter Israel’s character by giving Jewish and Palestinian citizens “equal status”. Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein called the bill “preposterous”. “Any intelligent individual can see it must be blocked immediately,” he said.


Law professor Mordechai Kremnitzer, meanwhile, conceded that the bill exposed Israeli democracy as “fundamentally flawed”.


These three bills from Palestinian legislators might have redressed some of the inequities contained in nearly 70 Israeli laws that, according to Adalah, a legal rights group, explicitly discriminate based on ethnicity…


Today, Israelis are hunkering down. Boycott activists from abroad are denied entry. Unarmed Palestinian demonstrators have been gunned down in Gaza. And critics inside Israel are silenced or beaten up.

All these responses have the same end in mind: to block anything that might burst the bubble of illusions and threaten Israelis’ sense of moral superiority.



Israel’s new low

June 11, 2018

“Then Jesus entered a house, and again a crowd gathered, so that he and his disciples were not even able to eat.  When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, “He is out of his mind.” And the teachers of the law who came down from Jerusalem said, “He is possessed by Beelzebul! By the prince of demons he is driving out demons.”

Mark 3:20 ff reading for Mass Sunday June 10, 2018

How low can you go? Gideon Levy first channels Al Jolson, “You aint seen nuttin yet” in Sunday’s column. Israel’s leadership approaches a new nadir as it now attacks a 21 year old Gazan medic gunned down by the IDF.


Razan gaza


Desperate to justify the unjustifiable, the brutal occupier unleashes in every Western country a phalanx of PR flacks whose sole job is to defend the indefensible. They even manage to traumatize politicians who quiver before their mendacious propaganda; media pundits hide behind “balance” as we watch horror unfold among a traumatized defenceless people.


PI Whitewash


The computer era and social media have already torn to bits Israel’s narrative as the eternal victim and as the witty Jewish philosopher Groucho Marx, asked, who do you believe, me or your eyes.The rest of the world has suddenly changed. The computer,cell phones and social media has now brought things into clearer focus and laid bare such extraordinary barbarity.




The saving grace, however, in all of this is that the prophetic, quite possibly the greatest gift of the Jews to the world, has arisen as it always does from beyond the corridors of power to the margins, those on the underside of history and those who are the interlocutors. Here the voice belongs to a secular Jew scorned in Israel and read by only 4% of his brainwashed country.




Gideon Levy like Jesus in Sunday’s reading is considered beyond the pale, an irrelevant man. Like all of the prophets of Israel he is considered crazy as he challenges the received wisdom of the leaders: Israel is aggrieved, Israel is innocent. Levy now channels Jeremiah a man possessed, considered outrageous by today’s “teachers of the law.”


Today, most of Israel’s rabbinate are merely court prophets, “blind guides who have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness.” Matt; 23:23. They violate the covenant by forgetting “tzedek,tzedek tirdof”—justice, justice you shall pursue. The prophetic however finds expression in the pages of Haaretz, Gideon Levy June 9,2018

Killing Razan al-Najjar, Israel Assassinates Her Character

When fairness is gone, all that is left is propaganda


Levy 30


A few short words – “Razan al-Najjar isn’t an angel of mercy” – sum up the depths of Israeli propaganda. Avichay Edraee, the Israeli army’s Arabic-language spokesman, who also speaks in my name, is a representative of an army of mercy that has also now appointed itself the judge of the measure of mercy in a medic treating Palestinian wounded on Gaza’s border with Israel, and who Israeli army soldiers mercilessly killed. After killing her, it was also necessary to assassinate her character.


Propaganda is a tool that serves many countries. The less just their policies are, the more they expand their propaganda efforts. Sweden doesn’t need propaganda. North Korea does. In Israel, it’s called hasbara – public diplomacy –  because why would it need propaganda? Recently its propaganda has sunk to such despicable lows that nothing can better prove that its justifications have run out, its excuses gone, that truth is the enemy and that all that’s left are lies and slander.


It is directed mostly for domestic consumption. Around the world, few Gaza people would buy it in any event. But as part of the desperate effort to persist in the psychological repression and denial, in the failure to tell ourselves the truth and the evasion of any responsibility – everything is acceptable when it comes to these efforts.


A medic in a nursing uniform has been shot to death by Israeli army snipers – as have journalists with press vests and an amputee in a wheelchair. If we rely on Israeli army snipers to know what they are doing, counting on them to be the most accurate in the world, then these people have been shot deliberately. Surely if the army had believed in the justice of the military campaign that it is waging in Gaza, it would have taken responsibility for these killings, apologizing, expressing regret and offering compensation.


But when the earth is burning under our feet, when we know the truth and understand that shooting at demonstrators and killing more than 120 of them and rendering hundreds of others disabled is more akin to a massacre, one cannot apologize or express regret. And then the army spokesman’s aggressive, clumsy, embarrassing and shameful propaganda machine springs into action –  a thunderous voice from the Defense Ministry that only compounds what has been done.



An Israeli army investigation, based only on the testimony of the soldiers of course, showed that she had not been deliberately shot. Clearly. The propaganda machine went further and hinted that she may have been killed by Palestinian weapons fire, which has rarely been used over the past two months.



Maybe she shot herself? Anything is possible. And do we remember any Israeli army investigation showing otherwise? Israel’s ambassador in London, Mark Regev, who is another top, polished propagandist, was quick to tweet about the “medical volunteer” in quotation marks, as if a Palestinian could be a medical volunteer. Instead, he wrote, her death is “yet another reminder of Hamas’ brutality.”




The Israeli army kills a medic in a white uniform, in an outrageous violation of international law, which provides protection for medical personnel in combat zones. And that’s despite the fact that the Gaza border does not constitute a combat zone. But it’s Hamas that is the brutal one.



Kill me, Mr. Ambassador, but who could possibly follow this twisted, sick logic? And who would buy such cheap propaganda other than some of the members of the Board of Deputies of British Jews — the largest representative organization of U.K. Jewry – along with Merav Ben Ari, the Knesset member who was quick to take advantage of the opportunity and state: “It turns out that the medic, yes that one, wasn’t just a medic, as you see.” Yes, that one. As you see.


Israel should have been shocked by the killing of the medic. Najjar’s innocent face should have touched every Israeli’s heart. Medical organizations should have spoken out. Israelis should have hidden their faces in embarrassment. But that only could have happened if Israel had believed in the justice of its cause. When fairness is gone, all that is left is propaganda. And from that standpoint, maybe this new low is a herald of good news.



Bourdain On Henry Kissinger

June 10, 2018



The late chef and television host Anthony Bourdain traveled extensively in Southeast Asia, including in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, where his shows repeatedly highlighted the legacy of the Vietnam War. In particular, Bourdain frequently trained his ire on former Secretary of State–Nobel Peace Prize winner–secret bombing of Cambodia facilitator–accused war criminal Henry Kissinger.


Bourdain had the following to say about Kissinger in his 2001 book, A Cook’s Tour:


“Once you’ve been to Cambodia, you’ll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your bare hands. You will never again be able to open a newspaper and read about that treacherous, prevaricating, murderous scumbag sitting down for a nice chat with Charlie Rose or attending some black-tie affair for a new glossy magazine without choking. Witness what Henry did in Cambodia – the fruits of his genius for statesmanship – and you will never understand why he’s not sitting in the dock at The Hague next to Milošević.”


He stood by the passage in a tweet earlier this year, writing, “Frequently, I’ve come to regret things I’ve said. This, from 2001, is not one of those times.”


Then there were his comments to the New Yorker’s Patrick Radden Keefe in a profile last year:


He then launched into a tirade about how it sickens him, having travelled in Southeast Asia, to see Kissinger embraced by the power-lunch crowd. “Any journalist who has ever been polite to Henry Kissinger, you know, fuck that person,” he said, his indignation rising. “I’m a big believer in moral gray areas, but, when it comes to that guy, in my view he should not be able to eat at a restaurant in New York.”

I pointed out that Bourdain had made similarly categorical denunciations of many people, only to bury the hatchet and join them for dinner.

from Slate


“An unbelievable siege” illegal as well

June 3, 2018

An unbelievable siege, 11 years without respite, which is the greatest war crime in this arena. No propaganda can conceal their identity – their past, their present and their future. Most of them live in the Gaza Strip because Israel made them refugees. Israel expelled their forefathers from their villages and their land. Others fled for fear of Israel, and afterwards were not allowed to return – a crime no less serous than the expulsion

Gideon Levy June 1, Haaretz




he shameless HAMAS card, the last joker in the deck seemingly buffaloes decent people and amnesiacs of all stripes into giving Israel the right to slaughter a penned up people every few years—12 “wars” on a people whose land was stolen from them in 1948, on occupied Palestinian territory, a people who refuse to give up their rights enshrined in international law to resist this theft.



Originally placing their trust in Fatah, the dominant party of the PLO, the Gazans came to see that Fatah had grown accustomed to occupation, commonly seen by many as little more than Israel’s subcontractor in incarceration. Meanwhile Israel supported HAMAS thinking that an Islamist party, apolitical in nature and focussed on the Koran, would sow seeds of discord in this coastal strip. Israel came to rue the decision as HAMAS was legally elected in 2006 and launched massive social programs while never ceding Palestinian historical rights. Israel and the US then armed Fatah. understanding that HAMAS would never surrender their just claim.


The “rocket” card


Israel then tightened the hold and engaged in another war crime, collective punishment. We see the result 3 “wars” and the latest massacre of people with no defense but those pathetic Qassam rockets the excuse Israel uses to rain death on innocent people.
Nobody should be traumatized by by rockets. Yet the use of “Siderot” and other nearby Israeli communities targeted by Hamas’s Qassam rockets as an excuse for turning Gaza into a killing field is outrageous.




Norman Finkelstein, the indefatigable Jewish American researcher, pointed out that Hamas fired 13,000 home made rockets and mortar shells at Israel between 2001 and 2012, a total of 23 Israeli civilians were killed, or one civilian killed for every 500 projectiles fired.




“Isn’t it also cause for wonder – and worthy of notice – that, even allowing that a certain percentage landed in open areas, the thousands upon thousands of Hamas rockets inflicted negligible damage? How could only one Israeli house have been destroyed and 11 others hit or damaged by a mega barrage of rockets? The obvious, and most plausible, answer is, most of these so-called rockets must have amounted to little more than enhanced fireworks.”


“Enhanced fireworks” or not, once again, no civilian population should be terrorized by rockets. Finkelstein points out that all these rockets were launched after deliberate Israeli provocations, too many to list here. But to compare these attacks to the disproportionate bombardment of Gaza is bizarre. As Gideon Levy stated (March 23, 2008): “The world sees images from Gaza; in comparison Siderot looks like a resort.”


You simply cannot compare these hopelessly unguided rockets to Israel’s guided missiles in a densely populated civilian area. Nor can you compare 3,700 Gazans killed since 2005 to 27 Israeli civilians. Yet each person is an ikon of the divine.



On the surface, Hamas’s use of rockets was insane. Closer to the truth was Hamas leader Khaled Mishal’s statement that “our simple, home-made rockets are our cry of protest to the world” makes infinite sense – a hopeless, yet understandable response to decades of humiliation, a defiant cry of an occupied penned-up people with no army, air force, tanks or high-precision missiles hemmed in on every side under a brutal siege. A cruel occupying army flagrantly violating Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law licks its chops and wreaks insane revenge on “the terrorists.” Israel, according to Netanyahu, is like Britain under the Nazi blitz. And less we forget that raggedy ass group Hamas is the equivalent of the Wehrmacht. NOT.

You don’t know whether to laugh or cry..We see a starving people with massive unemployment The Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) is the Israeli administrative entity controls the entry and exit of all goods and people  including the calculation of the calories required to avert mass starvation. This is death by bureaucracy.


Under international law, Israel has a responsibility to protect those civilians living under its occupation. All Israel provides is constant immiseration and gradually the world has come to see.
The Great March of Return was another heroic attempt to remind the world of the rights of refugees to return to places taken in war. Israel’s response with its constant hammering of a besieged people hopes to drive any idea other than permanent subservience out of Gazans.


As Levy says, in the above article “In recent weeks they buried 118 people – which, relative to the size of the population, is like 500 dead for us, and they will never stop fighting. They’re right, too.”



Stanley Cohen and the HAMAS card pt.2

June 1, 2018

Stand up and speak on behalf of the poor
and those who need your voice in this world.
Remember that: Where you stand will determine what you see;
Whom you stand with will determine what you hear;
What you see and hear will determine what you say and how you act.
Robert McAfee Brown


Richard Falk, the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, a professor of international law at Princeton University, reminds us that in international law, Palestinian resistance to occupation is a legally protected right…Israel’s failures to abide by international law, as a belligerent occupant, amounted to a fundamental denial of the right of self-determination…




UN General Assembly Resolution 2649, adopted November 30, 1970, that “affirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples under colonial and alien domination recognized as being entitled to the right of self-determination to restore to themselves that right by any means at their disposal.” Resolution 2649 also “considers that the acquisition and retention of territory in contravention of the right of the people of that territory to self-determination is inadmissible and a gross violation of the Charter;” and “condemns those Governments that deny the right to self-determination of peoples recognized as being entitled to it, especially of the peoples of southern Africa and Palestine.”


Israel’s unconscionable and brutal occupation of Gaza began decades before anybody ever heard of HAMAS. To Israel any resistance to occupation is unacceptable and must be savagely put down. HAMAS rightly has never accepted Fatah’s role as obeisance to occupation. National liberation is the goal, never collaboration.


Stanley Cohen identifies himself as Jewish and says that his work is an essential part of his Judaism. “I embrace the part of the tradition that has historically sided with the oppressed, disaffected, disenfranchised, and politically unpopular.”




He stands with the victims,rejects the riduiculous notion of self defense and condemns the abusers of international law, the state of Israel


The use of HAMAS as the third “get out of jail card” is entirely spurious and flies in the face of international jurisprudence. International law for an occupying power includes the responsibility to protect civilians living under occupation and their property and to provide for the humanitarian needs of the population living under the occupation. International humanitarian law requires all combatants to protect civilians and civilian property during any armed conflict.



Cohen writes of HAMAS:


Comprised, originally, of physicians, scholars, academics, lawyers, scientists, artists, religious leaders and farmers, it is a movement that evolved of necessity, born in the vacuum of what would obviously become the failed vision of Oslo.


More than a few of these leaders escaped the tyranny of Israeli oppression, years before, to obtain education and accomplishment abroad–only later to give up the fruits of all personal success to return to their homeland and fight for its liberation.




Over the years, Hamas evolved from a social service network, throughout Palestine, to become an armed guard of the Palestinian people through the discrete Qassam Brigades and an elected political movement swept to power in 2006. That victory came in what was described, then, by former President Carter, as the most transparent and successful electoral process he had observed as a monitor over his many years of such service in the Middle East.




Not long thereafter, all of Gaza was punished for the temerity of its electoral will through the imposition of the embargo that a decade later remains in place as an on-going stranglehold on the health, welfare and safety of its two million residents, punctuated by massive deadly Israeli onslaughts every few years.


I am not naive or starry-eyed. Like all political and national liberation movements Hamas has had its problems and made its share of missteps. Nevertheless, Israel’s long-standing attempts to reduce it to a selfish and reckless collective willing to sacrifice the interests and safety of Palestinians, including their own families, to the winds of cheap political gain, is just so much nefariously crafted delusion.


Although this unashamed invention has found a warm welcome in the insipid language of Zionist supporters and ignorant pundits, those with informed knowledge or experience with Hamas understand this call for what it is: a shameful and typical deflection from Israeli responsibility for what can only be called a willing slaughter, these last few months, that ranks among its many others… always, of course, because it had no choice.

The  grand imperial lie

The notion that the movement would ask or send people of Gaza to certain injury or death, at the hands of Israeli assassins lying in wait for all to see, reeks of the grand imperial lie that has been Israel for seventy years.


PI Gaza now


It is no less repugnant than the racist proposition that Palestinians, themselves, care so little about their own families or community that they would willingly sacrifice them en masse to gain the momentary sympathy of a world long inured to their isolation and loss of liberty and life.


CBC chickens out on Gaza

May 29, 2018

Why are palestinians

History has chosen us to be the sharp edge of the bayonet of fighting the terrorist enemy ‘from Gaza’ which curses, defames and abuses the God of Israel’s battles. we will do everything to live up to the mission and wipe out the enemy and remove the threat from the Nation of Israel.”

Ofer Winter, Givati brigade, Israel Defense Force

I see Gaza as a manmade intentional hell for what Israel considers nonhumans.”
Richard Cohen film maker
“Massive denial on a grand scale, as exists in Israel, which not only fogs consciousness and numbs moral intuition…..Israel is now built on a gigantic lie.”

Eva Illouz Israeli professor of sociology,
Haaretz, (Nov. 11, 2015)

Israel’s Dahiya doctrine: The use of overwhelming and disproportionate force, its goal is to decimate the targeted area, turning life back to the Stone Age so that the population is too preoccupied with making ends meet to care about the struggle for freedom.

Once again the CBC blew it on things Israel.



Sunday the host Michael Enright plucked out of nowhere a Jewish writer named Yair Rosenberg who writes for the American Jewish journal The Tablet. They guy was terrible, feigning some sympathy for Gazans all the while tossing out the crudest stereotype of HAMAS. It was cringe inducing.

Enright had to struggle to even get this Zionist to admit to some idea of disproportionate response.You kill 64 people brandishing burning tires and kites and never suffer a scratch —there’s something wrong with this picture. But not for Rosenberg. He stickhandles, bobs and weaves and then genuflects to, yeah Gaza is a terrible place—but these HAMAS—again the equivalent of the Nazi Wehrmacht, They are really evil people bent on Israel’s destruction.

The guy was a minor leaguer, the best that Enright could come up with. And if you are opining on Gaza or Israel, you must be Jewish
Now I believe the host of CBC’s Sunday edition is a very good broadcaster but on things Jewish he’s pure CBC. Do not get to close to the flame of blaming Israel for the indescribable suffering of Gaza or you will have the Zionist thought police come after you and you don’t want that.
One should ask oneself: was this guy Rosenberg a good choice in the first place when there are people, especially Jews who can spell out what’s really happening in this circle of hell. Hence the use of the aforementioned Rosenberg


Sara Roy
Did the CBC with all its resources and talent never hear of Sara Roy, the brilliant senior research scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. Now there’s a woman with bona fides, a stunning academic, an expert whose life work has been on its dedevelopment and whose books include Failing Peace: Gaza and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and The Gaza Strip: The Political Economy of De-development. Besides her steely-eyed academic bent Roy brings to the table her Jewish history, 100 family members lost in the Nazi holocaust and universal Jewish values of compassion and respect for humanity. Her more than 30 years of analysis, research and witness, her commitment to accuracy has never turned into ideology or Jewish chauvinism and tribalism.




Sara Roy’s values she maintains is directly linked to her holocaust background.She begins with her understanding of the essential humanity of all people. She speaks and writes as a child of those whose lives were extinguished, whose futures were taken away and whose histories were silenced.Meet the brutalized people of Gaza.

For her Benjamin Netanyahu nazifies all Palestinians, transforms them into the demonic other engaged in the same process of Jewish extermination of as the nazis before them.
Many Jews, Roy says, or those who write about Palestine fail to accept the fundamental humanity of the people they write about either out of ignorance, fear or racism. Within the Jewish community especially it has always been unacceptable to claim that Palestinians are like us,that they possess an essential humanity and must be included within our moral boundaries. As one Israeli friend of mine says “The one thing Israelis totally refuse to do or are incapable of doing is placing themselves in the shoes of Palestinians.


Just listen to this woman for yourself:

Here is the expert on HAMAS insisting on its nonviolent community building, its unrecognized potential for moderation accommodation and change. Sara Roy is a realist, never gilding the lily. She writes about the internecine quarrel between Fatah and HAMAS. She sees the abuse of religion as an abusive tool however sees a people driven to madness, despair. She is asked by Gazans “Why is Gaza being punished in so heartless a manner, and what does Israel truly hope to gain by it?


If the Israelis were thinking clearly, one person said, ‘everyone could benefit. All they must do is give us a window to live a normal life and all these extremist groups would disappear. Hamas would disappear. The community must deal with … these groups, not IDF tanks and planes.


Apparently as the world yawns and as a malevolent US leadership blesses this catastrophe, the Dahiya doctrine is still in place and an unprecedented human, physical and psychological disaster proceeds apace.


The state of Israel has reached its nadir in its treatment of Gaza. Sara Roy well describes it:

We as a people have become a force of extremism, of chaos and disorder, trying to plow an unruly sea-addicted to death and cruelty, intoxicated, with one ambition: to mock the pauper.



Here comes HAMAS pt 2

May 27, 2018

“There is a taboo on telling the truth about Palestine and the great destructive force behind Israel.  Only when this truth is out can any of us be free.”
Edward Said


The use of the word HAMAS is now to end all discussions about Israel’Palestine.HAMAS  is the bogeyman come to steal your children, to destroy Israel. Nonsense HAMAS is a legitimate resistance movement struggling valiantly to resist land theft, and 70 years of occupation.

HAMAS was created by Israel to mitigate  PLO influence among Palestinians.Well, it didn’t quite turn out that way.HAMAS realized  that the secular dance with Israel,the phony OSLO accords only deepened the immiseration of the Palestinian people and stifled their aspiration for statehood.


Often Israelis would blatantly admit all this. Mati Steinberg of the Shin Bet noting the asymmetric balance of power stated after Oslo,”We have decisive influence on the course of events.” In other words, take it or leave it.”You have one choice surrender to Israel’s dictates or rise up against the dictates at all costs.”


A  proud people with international law on their side refused to capitulate. We have seen the price.Operation Cast Lead 2008,1398 dead,450 children and women,  Pillar of Defence 2012 174 Palestinians, 107 of whom were civilians and then this massacre of 2014, Operation Protective Edge 

PI=Gaza copy 3



HAMAS became the voice of the unheard. Driven at first by militant Islam it kept alive the internationally accepted guarantee of right of the oppressed to resist injustice—the Israeli theft of  land and most importantly the insistence on Resolution 194 on the Question of Palestine, which “resolves that refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return…” Never accepted by Israel.
The incredible resistance led by HAMAS is profoundly moving.

After the second intifada 2000, hundreds of Israelis were killed by suicide bombers. Nobody can justify this. On the other side, why did the world and Israel the brutal occupier ask no question as to why somebody would immolate himself in the name of a cause? Is there something in Palestinian DNA? Hardly. The answer is total despair, absolute hopelessness. This is Violence 2., a response to the fundamental  primary violence of the state with all its firepower. This  overwhelming Israeli cruelty has  persisted  for decades hidden from us. Violence  2 is then followed by Violence 3: massive Israeli vengeance like the above.



Jenin 2002

After the second Intifada 2002, Israel lost its mind and flattened Nablus and Jenin.The brutality in Jenin was savagery at its worst executed by the notorious Arab-hater Ariel Sharon. Four hundred ninety-seven Palestinians were killed and 1,447 wounded. 23 Israelis were killed. Apache helicopters firing missiles in a crowded urban area. Appalling treatment by ‘the most moral army in the world.”


General Moshe Ya’alon organized the response to the intifada, stated,” Palestinians must be made to understand in the deepest recesses of their consciousness, they are a defeated people.”


Hardly. Three military offenses on this hemmed in, defenseless,  densely populated prison  with no army, air force or navy, with pathetic rockets called “firecrackers” by Norman Finklestein, has not resulted in HAMAS”s surrender to overwhelming state terror.To many global observers HAMAS is a brave patriotic group legally elected to defend the dignity of a besieged people. Again and again they have made proposals to end this horrific conflict–all rejected. HAMAS is not the problem, Israel is.

Leibowitz Warning

leibowitz 21


In 1992 the brilliant Israeli Orthodox scholar  Yeshayahu Leibowitz wrote an essay called The Territories. His prediction has come true namely that this cruel occupation “will effect the liquidation of the state of Israel as the state of the Jewish people and bring about catastrophe for the Jewish people as a whole.


Our real problem is not the territory but rather the population of about a million and a half Arabs who live in it and over whom we must rule.


Rule over the occupied territories would have social repercussions.  After a few years there would be no Jewish workers or Jewish farmers.  The Arabs would be the working people and the Jews the administrators, inspectors, officials, and police—mainly secret police.  A state ruling a hostile population of 1.5 to 2 million foreigners would necessarily become a secret-police state, with all that this implies for education, free speech, and democratic institutions. 


 The corruption characteristic of every colonial regime would also prevail in the state of Israel.  The administration would have to suppress Arab insurgency on the one hand and acquire Arab Quislings on the other.  


There is also good reason to fear that the Israel Defense Force, which has been until now a people’s army, would, as a result of being transformed into an army of occupation, degenerate, and its commanders, who will have become military governors, resemble their colleagues in other nations.Out of concern for the Jewish people and its state we have no choice but to withdraw from the territories and their population of one and a half million Arabs.


The “army of occupation” degenerate as ever continues to prove Leibowitz right. HAMAS is not the problem.