Catholic Supreme Court Justices boycott pope

What to make of the 3 Catholic Supreme Court judges who boycotted “their” pope during the latter’s address to Congress?

Justices Antonin Scalia(above), Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas were all conspicuously absent from the Court’s front-row seats at Francis’ speech to Congress on September 24 the first time a leader of the Catholic Church has ever addressed both houses. other Catholic judges Justices John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, and Sonia Sotomayor, showed up.

Republican Representative Paul Gosar passed while took umbrage at Pope Francis’ “bizarre” science. Gosar claims Earth “has been changing since first created in Genesis,” rendering Francis’ environmental focus, which Gosar describes as “wrapped [in] false science and ideology,” a waste of time. Climate change is a “fool’s errand,” he wrote.

Wow, how very enlightened.

Scalia is a well known reactionary, a big fan of capital punishment and the father of a priest in the order of the Legionaires of Christ whose founder was a notorious fraud who abused seminarians and had children on the side. “The most efficacious leader of faith” as John Paul ll called him, Marciai Maciel presided over a far right wing order which brought a lot of money into the Vatican and fooled many people until the founder was canned by Pope Benedict.

My bet was Scalia definitely passed.The other two—probably. Francis is definitely out of synch with Republican values.



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    But there’s a problem with your claim, Teddy. Justice Scalia and Thomas dissented from the recent Supreme Court decision on Same Sex Marriage, and so they are in agreement with Pope Francis who refers to SSMarriage as an anthropological regression; he was a radical opponent of SSM in Argentina. And Pope Francis met with the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue SSM licences. He encouraged her and told her to stay strong. So there’s something wrong with your narrative. He also affirmed the right to life from conception onwards. So I’m not sure of your objectivity, Teddy.

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    Humility and Hubris: Maybe Pope Francis isn’t the humble man you might believe him to be:

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